2023 Must-have Rugged Tablet: Blackview Active 8 Pro grand debut

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According to surveys, over 90% of people using regular tablets face issues such as screen breakage, liquid intrusion, oil contamination, and even falls from heights, causing them significant troubles.

As a leading manufacturer in the rugged phone market, there has been a growing interest among Blackview global fans in rugged tablets in recent years. Excitingly, according to insider information, Blackview may launch its first rugged tablet, Active 8 Pro, in July, which meets top-level MIL-STD-810H military-grade standard and leading IP68 and IP69K waterproofness, addressing the common problems faced by regular tablets, offering users a more rugged lifestyle for work, study, and entertainment.


It’s worth noting that Active 8 Pro not only maintains its outstanding ruggedness but also excels in terms of configuration, featuring the advanced 6nm Helio G99 chipset and 22000mAh mega battery. Equipped with Quad Harman/Kardon Smart-PA BOX speakers sounded by Harman AudioEFX®, the speakers of Active 8 Pro achieve dual breakthroughs in both hardware and software.

Additionally, Blackview Active 8 Pro comes with cutting-edge 48MP and 16MP cameras powered by Arcsoft® 4.0, a 10.36-inch 2.4K large display, and a complimentary stylus pen. With dual security protection including DAC and SE-Linux, Active 8 Pro is a perfect combination of a top-of-the-line tablet and exceptional shockproof, dustproof, and waterproof performance, allowing users to enjoy a more rugged, smoother, and more secure experience in various scenarios, including work tasks, education, and leisure entertainment.

Outstanding Ruggedness: Top-level MIL-STD-810H, IP68 and IP69K Waterproofness, Practical Toolkit, Make Tablets Tougher than Ever Before

Considering the potential issues that users may encounter when using regular tablets, such as screen breakage, water immersion, oil ingress, or bending deformation leading to device damage, Active 8 Pro stands out from traditional tablets by inheriting the top-notch durability performance of Blackview rugged phones, which features Corning® Gorilla® Glass 5 screen and has certified top-level military-grade standard MIL-STD-810H, as well as leading IP68 and IP69K waterproofness.

Whether Active 8 Pro accidentally falls from a one-meter-high table during work or study, gets scratched by a pet’s claws, or needs to be taken into the bath while enjoying favorite shows, Active 8 Pro excels in terms of shockproof, waterproof, dustproof, and scratch-resistant capabilities, users can directly rinse, soak, clean, and disinfect the device with water without causing any harm. Additionally, Active 8 Pro is equipped with a practical toolkit, including apps like flashlight and compass, further enhancing user convenience.


Gigantic Battery: 22,000mAh Solid-state Battery, Up to 1,440 Hours Standby Time, Up to 24 Hours for Daily Usage, -40°C to +60°C Operation Temperature, World’s Largest Battery Rugged Tablet Ever

Considering users’ needs during long trips, business trips, extended online classes, and video streaming sessions where battery consumption is high and charging is not always feasible or detrimental to battery lifespan, Active 8 Pro is equipped with a massive 22,000mAh solid-state battery, which is around 3 times larger than that of traditional tablets.

With a battery life of over 24 hours during daily use, Active 8 Pro allows uninterrupted enjoyment of favorite shows for up to 24 hours, continuous web browsing for 35 hours, and extended gaming and leisure time for 22 hours. When the battery is low, the 33W fast charging can fully charge the device in just 285 minutes, providing an astonishing standby time of up to 1,440 hours. Compared to the typical 8-hour battery life of traditional tablets, Active 8 Pro completely eliminates battery anxiety.

Furthermore, when you are outdoors and your smartwatch, earphones, or phone run out of battery without any charging options, Active 8 Pro can serve as a 22,000mAh power bank to keep your devices powered.


Moreover, the use of a solid-state battery in Active 8 Pro significantly enhances safety and tolerance to extreme temperatures. According to Blackview’s experimental test data, Active 8 Pro can operate normally within a wide temperature range of -40°C to +60°C, whether in freezing cold or scorching heat. Additionally, compared to tablets with the same battery capacity, Active 8 Pro is approximately 30% lighter and comes with a padded leather pad for enhanced grip support, ensuring optimal portability.

Top-tier Speakers: Quad Harman/Kardon Smart-PA BOX speakers, Sounded by Harman AudioEFX®, Five Acoustic Effects

To provide users with clear and astounding audio experience while listening to music, watching movies, playing games, attending video conferences, or taking online classes, Active 8 Pro is equipped with top-of-the-line quad Smart-PA BOX speakers, including two Harman/Kardon high-frequency speakers and two Harman/Kardon low-frequency speakers. With professional tuning by Harman AudioEFX®, Active 8 Pro has undergone dual breakthrough upgrades in both software and hardware. Users can feel the powerful impact of each instrument and enjoy a concert-like experience in music mode.

In movie mode, users can experience immersive cinema-grade surround sound. In game mode, Active 8 Pro offers a wider soundstage, immersing yourself in a unique gaming journey. In voice mode, Active 8 Pro enhances the clarity of sound, making it feel like a face-to-face conversation during online classes or video conferences. These modes can automatically detect the current sound environment in smart mode, providing users with an impressive audio experience.

Top-notch Display: 10.36-inch 2.4K Large Display, PC Mode, Complimentary Stylus Pen, TÜV SÜD for Low Blue Light

To provide users with an excellent visual experience in work, study, and entertainment, Active 8 Pro is equipped with a top-notch 10.36-inch 2.4K large display. When connected to a keyboard and mouse in PC mode, Active 8 Pro instantly transforms into a laptop, allowing users to easily perform tasks such as file editing, work chatting, and media socializing.

Additionally, a complimentary stylus is included for precise document editing, enabling efficient paperless work. Moreover, Active 8 Pro has been certificated by TÜV SÜD for Low Blue Light and offers three eye-care modes to safeguard users’ eye health. Even during prolonged tablet usage, Active 8 Pro will not have any negative impact on the eyes.

First-rate Cameras: 48MP + 16MP Cameras, ArcSoft® 4.0 algorithm, Google Lens

To allow users to capture clearer images during online classes, video conferences, video calls, and outdoor travels, Active 8 Pro is equipped with a first-rate 48MP Samsung® rear AI camera and 16MP front camera that supports facial recognition. With smart ISO dual-gain technology and the latest ArcSoft® 4.0 algorithm, Active 8 Pro offers a 17% improvement in photography effects, delivering four times higher rear camera clarity and twice the front camera clarity compared to ordinary tablets.

Whether it’s scanning documents, capturing meeting content, engaging in interactive lessons during remote learning, or capturing unforgettable memories during travels, Active 8 Pro effortlessly captures stunningly clear images. Additionally, Active 8 Pro features the powerful Google Lens, allowing users to scan objects of interest and quickly access relevant information and solutions.


Cutting-edge Performance: 6nm Octa-core Helio G99, Up to 16GB RAM, 256GB ROM, up to 1TB TF Card Expansion

To provide users with a smoother experience during various office tasks, video conferencing, online courses, gaming, or HD video playback, as the latest flagship tablet, Active 8 Pro is equipped with cutting-edge octa-core MediaTek Helio G99 processor based on 6nm technology, boasting a clock speed of up to 2.2GHz. With optimized atomic memory, LMK, and smart preloading technology, Active 8 Pro achieves over 50% smoother performance compared to its predecessors.

Additionally, Active 8 Pro comes standard with generous 16GB RAM, 256GB ROM, and supports for up to 1TB of TF card expansion, which not only provides users with the high-performance they need but also eliminates concerns about storing precious photos, music, videos, and files. Active 8 Pro allows users to enjoy a smoother experience and provides ample memory for their work, study, and entertainment needs.


More Robust Privacy: DokeOS_P 3.0 based on Android 13, DAC & SE-Linux

To ensure that enterprise users can handle sensitive information, personal files, and confidential data with greater peace of mind while minimizing the risk of data leaks or theft, Active 8 Pro is equipped with a customized DokeOS_P 3.0 based on the latest Android 13, providing additional dual security measures, namely DAC and SE-Linux, to help protect user data and privacy, enhancing the overall security of Active 8 Pro.

Among the numerous advantages mentioned earlier, Blackview Active 8 Pro is poised to exceed users’ expectations with its price, however, the confirmation of this claim awaits the highly anticipated global launch on July 10th PST. Click here for further updates and information.

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