Can you add NFC into a smartphone?


If NFC is important in your smartphone?

Thermal imaging detect body temperature

Can a thermal imaging camera detect your body temperature?

IMEI is blacklisted

What happens if phone IMEI NO. is blocked/blacklisted?

GPS Smartwatch

How does GPS Work in a Smartwatch?

Q3 U.S. smartphone market

Canalys: Q3 U.S. smartphone market shipments were 31 million units, a year-on-year decrease of 5%

Smartphone charge slowly

[Ultimate Guide] What makes your smartphone to charge slowly?

Mold in the wall

Can infrared thermal imagers detect mold in walls?

Share location between Android and iPhone

Can you share a location between Android and iPhone?

SIM Card and eSIM

[Ultimate Guide] Can Your SIM Cards Be Hacked?

Outdoor Gadgets

The 9 Best Outdoor Gadgets You Should Have in 2023

Can smartwatches measure weight?

Can an Apple/Android watch measure weight?

Blackview Shark 8

SHARK 8: The Best Value-for-Money Smartphone for Young Users

How far can my smartwatch be from phone

How far can my smart watch be from my smartphone?

Will aluminum foil block thermal imaging

Will aluminum foil block thermal imaging?

Galaxy Buds connect iPhone

Can I connect Samsung Galaxy Buds to iPhone?


Do any smartwatches including Apple watches measure blood sugar?

Apple Watch

Do Apple/Android Smart Watches monitor blood pressure?

Blackview Tab 3 Kids

Blackview launch a 7-inch kids tablet Tab 3 Kids under 100 USD


Can I Listen to Music on my Smartwatch Without Phone?


Do tablets or iPads get viruses?


Does a Smartwatch Require a Data Plan?

How to know if someone muted you on WhatsApp?

How to tell if somebody muted you on WhatsApp?

Android messaging apps

The 12 best messaging apps for Android in 2023

Thermal imaging

How far can FLIR thermal cameras see?

Blackview thermal rugged phone

The best budget thermal camera smartphone for hunting in 2023

Tracking apps for Android

The 8 Popular Tracking Apps for Android in 2023


(Ultimate Guide)Can your IMEI number be changed? How to change?

Blackview Tab 50 WiFi

Blackview launches a budget Wi-Fi tablet Tab 50 Wifi priced at $109.99

Spy camera

A simple look at how do spy cameras work?

Blackview SHARK 8

Meet Blackview SHARK 8: Specs and Highlights

The lifespan of a smartphone

How long does your smartphone last?

Phone battery dying quickly

What causes your Android phone battery dying so fast?

iPhone's battery drains fast

What cause your iPhone’s battery draining fast? How to fix?

Weather app not working

Why & How to fix weather app not working?

Among Us app not working

How to fix the Among Us app not working?


Which iPhone support WiFi 6?


Which iPhone support WiFi 6E?

Blackview Tab 18

Meet Blackview Tab 18: A perfect budget work and play tablet

iPhone 11

Does iPhone 11 works with WiFi 6?

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