Pakite BIN-813: The smart home gadget make video wireless transmit easily

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Are you looking for the ways to convert cable TV to wireless, or in other words, transmit TV signal to another room’s TV wirelessly? Then, you are in the right place. In this post, we would like to introduce you a cool smart home gadget, to make it easy to transmit TV video signal to another TV by wireless. The tech gadget was named Pakite BIN-813 wireless HD extender (also called wireless av sender).

Pakite BIN-813

The Pakite BIN-813 wireless HD extender include one transmitter and one receiver. They connect to the signal source device and the televisions via an HDMI cable, where the transmitter connects to the source device such as cable box and Blu-ray, and the receiver connects to the TV or projector and more.

The features of BIN-813 including:

  • Wireless sharing of audio and video signal. Wireless transmission forms a local shared signal to realize the wireless transmission of video signal in living rooms and bedrooms.
  • Compatible with kinds of playback. The supported signal source devices include computer, PS4, Xbox, TV box, STB, DVD, Blu-ray. The supported signal receiving equipments include TV, projector, and other HDMI compatible monitors.
  • Ultra HD vision. The quality of the HD picture is lifelike, include 4K HD and 1080P. Support TV within 75-inch.
  • Support 3D. The 3D visual offers you a more shock theater experience, you can enjoy it just at home.
  • 60 m encryption of wireless distance. To break through the limitation of distance and space, wireless transmission signals cover a variety of environment.

With this Chinese tech gadget, it will make your rooms look tidier and make your life smarter.

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