IP68 Rated Rugged Smartphones

The devices with excellent waterproof rating.

Are you looking for the cheap rugged phone with good performance and military 810 grade, as well as excellent IP68 waterproof rating in the market, and buy it directly from the sources? Then, you are in the right place.

CNBgear, the professional and experienced China electronics hunter, carefully selected lines of rugged phones (what’s the meaning of it) with good performance and excellent waterproof rating in the market, for you to choose from. They are cool, sturdy and durable, are the best smartphone for long term use.

These rugged phone products are made by the professional and experienced manufacturers from China, to ensure the devices come with good quality and low repair rate, are the rare find-goods you can find in the market.

These devices feature excellent cold-resistance. For those who live in cold weather almost all around the year, they are the best companion, they can still work well even other devices (like iPhone) have been stop work.

Blackview BV4900pro

Some models are equipped with special feature like thermal imaging and IR night vision. With thermal imager, you can scan and visualize the temperature distribution of entire surfaces quickly and accurately. With IR night vision camera, you can use it to find hidden cameras in the public place like hotel and toilet.

For photography lovers, you can enjoy fun of taking photos or videos under the water thanks to equipped with underwater shooting mode.

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