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PAKITE Wireless IR Extender PAT-433

PAKITE PAT-433 is infrared signal extender by wirelessly, like infrared amplifier. PAT-433 adopt 433.92 MHZ ISM frequency with 200 meters extend distance. This model support 38khz frequency band, if you will need both 38khz &56khz frequency band, then you can contact with PAKITE sales.

IR Extender only for extend infrared signal, it isn’t for transmit audio and video. If you will be need to transmit TV audio and video signal wireless at the same times, then you have to select wireless av sender, in this condition, you can select to transmit audio video signal but no need infrared extend.

Wireless AV Sender support IR Remote Control, but it’s different product, the major duty of RCA or HDMI wireless av sender is for transmit audio and video, also extend the remote control distance.

Besides, most of wireless av sender is RCA interface, but PAT-433 is repeater, no need to connect with the device, just keep the IR Extender and DVD IR parts in the straight line, then it will be work. Means wireless av sender only for HDMI or RCA jack device, but PAT-433 suitable for all device with ir remote control.

PAT-433 is worth to try, it’s real wireless connection, PAT-433 could extend the infrared signal whatever the device is.

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