Why my a/v transmitter receiver can not work well?

Wireless product is a magical product. You test it, it can not work, but I test it, it working prefect. But why?

If the av sender can not work as normal, we should contact with seller ask for solution nor return the goods and complain the quality is not good, that’s make both seller and buyer fells unhappy. PAKITE would like to eliminate your negative emotion and come out solution for you.

Here we talked about the RCA and HDMI av sender transmit audio but no video or transmit video but no audio. If you meet that questions.

First: please double check all cable connection is correct, if your av sender is connect with signal or monitor by RCA Cable, then you have to plug the red yellow white cable with corresponding color jack. please noted: red , blue, green is not RCA Jack, it’s different signal source.

Second: please double check both transmitter and receiver cable connection is no loosen, if still not work, you can try to change another av cable.

Third: this condition is rare, but still exist. Some of satellite receiver has HDMI Jack and RCA/ S-video Jack, so user will connect one set tv with satellite receiver by HDMI Jack, at same times connect transmitter with satellite receiver, which means the satellite receiver has two group av output, but some of satellite receiver do not support two group av signal out put at the same times, that will lead to another tv at receiver end no audio or video signal, even if make the receiver can not work. If you meet the third situation, you just need one transmitter with two receiver, it will be workable.

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