One of the Best Smartphone Wholesalers you shouldn’t miss

When you are looking for the wholesalers online, you will find some guide websites like chinabrands, they will list some smartphone wholesalers which they think are the best in the page.

The suppliers you can often see in the guides include banggood, gearbest, chinavasion, dhgate, alibaba, and so on. They supply smartphones form different brands like Xiaomi, Huawei, Samsung, iPhone, Realme, etc., and offer the good price for big bulk orders. But actually, they still need to cooperate with the manufacturers.

But don’t forget that the manufacturer is also a wholesaler too. To cooperate with the manufacturer directly is also a good way to earn huge profits. Next, we’ll show you a smartphone manufacturer and wholesaler which offers the high cost-effective smartphones, and you may never know before.

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The Best Smartphone Wholesaler you can’t miss

If you sell low-end and mid-end smartphones, this wholesaler must be your best partner. First of all, it is a manufacturer, it owns first-class technical team and advanced production machines. All products are come with multi-times strict test before it leave the factory, therefore, you should haven’t a worry on the products’ quality.

Secondly, the origin of the product is in China, that means low human resources cost, low cost of living, low cost of energy and a lower corporate tax burden. Therefore, every production outfit can employ cheap labor, but still produce superb quality products.

All the above conditions add up to make the smartphones provided by this manufacturer with super-high cost-effective. To cooperate with it means that you can earn as most as profits you can. That’s other wholesalers couldn’t compared.

More over, if you own experience stores in local, you will be able to let customers experience the machine directly on site, and you can provide local delivery service, which will provide customers with a high degree of trust and promote them to purchase products faster.

Such a good cooperation opportunity, I believe you will never want to miss it. So, who is this manufaturer? The following will be announced for you immediately.

The company is named Shenzhen DOKE Electronic Co., Ltd, with a famous own brand which is named BLACKVIEW, which famous at rugged phone industry and owns over 10 years experience. Doke company do B2B and B2C business, and at B2B business area, it wholesale BLACKVIEW phones to worldwide with the most reasonable prices. And the big bulk orders will get huge profits.

BLACKVIEW Phones Category

  • Rugged Smartphones

The rugged phone comes with waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof, and MIL-STD-810G military grade certified, able to calmly deal with the challenges of various harsh situations. It is suitable for those who live in a tough life such as builders, woodworkers, truckers, coal miners, etc. Besides, it is dedicated smartphone for outdoors.

  • Ordinary Smartphones

These smartphones don’t come with rugged body, they are like iPhone and Xiaomi, just is the ordinary smartphone. Come with trendy design and light and thin body. Compared with other phones with roughly the same configuration, Blackview phones are always the most cost-effective.


Above is one of the best smartphone wholesale suppliers that you can cooperate today, start your business cooperation with it to get huge profits now.

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