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What is HDMI Port


HDMI (Full name: High Definition Multimedia Interface), HDMI is type of Digital Audio/Video Connection Jack, it’s for transmission digital AV Signal , HDMI could transmission audio and video at the same times, The maximum data transmission speed is 5Gbps. And it’s no need to convert Digital to Analog or Analog to Digital signal before transmission. HDMI also support HDCP(High -bandwidth Digital Content Protection) to prevent unauthorized copying of copyrighted audio and video content. The extra space available in HDMI can be used in future audio and video formats. And because a 1080p video and an 8-channel audio signal needs less than 4Gbps, so there is a lot of storage . This allows it to connect the DVD player, receiver and PRR with a single cable.

HDMI advantages

HDMI not only meet the resolution of 1080P, but also supports DVD Audio and other digital audio formats, support for eight-channel 96kHz or 192kHz stereo digital audio transmission. HDMI support EDID, DDC2B, so HDMI devices support “plug and play”, between the source and the display will automatically “negotiate”, automatically select the most appropriate video / audio formats.

Compared with DVI , HDMI interface with smaller size, DVI cable length can not exceed 8 meters, otherwise it will affect the picture quality, and HDMI can be transmitted up to 15 meters. As long as an HDMI cable, you can replace up to 13 analog transmission lines, can effectively solve the home entertainment system behind the connection tangled problem.

HDMI development

HDMI Licensing, LLC released HDMI Specification Version 1.4a on March 4, 2010, featuring key enhancements to 3D applications on behalf of HDMI Original Developers, the inclusion of mandatory 3D formats for broadcast content, and the Top-and -Bottom’s 3D format. As the “HDMI 1.4” no clear boundaries , can not display the specific support of the device technology, so in this specification completely ban the use of “HDMI version 1.4” of this version number identification method.

According to the new version of the “Trademarks and Logo Usage Guidelines”, HDMI cable manufacturers prohibit the use of version numbers when selling and promoting HDMI version 1.4 cables. Older cables should be removed within one year from all versions identified by the version number Labels, instructions, packaging and so on.

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