What can someone do with your IMEI NO.?

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The International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number is a unique 15-digit code that identifies every mobile phone in the world. Learn more about ‘What is IMEI number‘. So, can someone use it to do something on your phone? Here are some of the things that someone can do with your IMEI NO.:

  • Track your phone: If your phone is lost or stolen, the police or your mobile phone carrier can use the IMEI NO. to track the phone’s location.
  • Block your phone: If your phone is stolen, you can report it to your mobile phone carrier and they can block the IMEI NO., which will prevent the phone from being used on their network.
  • Commit fraud: A person with your IMEI NO. could potentially use it to commit fraud, such as using your phone to make unauthorized calls or to activate a new SIM card in your name.
  • Clone your phone: It is possible to clone an IMEI NO., which would allow someone to use your phone’s identity on another device. This could allow them to make calls or send text messages using your phone number, or to access your online accounts.

It is important to keep your IMEI NO. safe and to only share it with people you trust. You should never give your IMEI NO. to someone you do not know, such as a stranger or a telemarketer.

Here are some tips for protecting your IMEI NO.:

  • Do not share your IMEI NO. with anyone you do not trust.
  • Keep your phone’s IMEI NO. in a safe place, such as in a password-protected file on your computer.
  • If you lose your phone, report the theft to your mobile phone carrier and to the police.
  • Make sure that your phone is password-protected.
  • Keep your operating system and apps up to date.

By following these tips, you can help to protect your IMEI number and your phone from theft and fraud

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