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Vivo X70+ Smartphone Release Date, Specs, Design, Camera, Battery

This year’s mobile phone market is full of surprises. Vivo has brought many good products this year, which are also popular products in the mobile phone industry at present. According to reports, in the second half of this year, Vivo will update its X series, which will also be equipped with more powerful hardware. The new device, which will be called vivo X70+, is also a significant breakthrough in design and configuration. Now that the relevant information has been confirmed, let’s take a look at what the new Vivo X70+ will look like .

Vivo X70+

Vivo X70+ will adopt a new appearance design scheme. In the front design of the new machine, Vivo X70+ will adopt a perforated screen design scheme. The screen hole of the new machine will be located in the middle of the machine, the visual effect of the front of the machine is very good, and the edge control of the new machine is also better. And in terms of screen parameters. VIVO X70+ will be equipped with the E5 base screen from Samsung, which makes the display even better. The 2K 120Hz refresh rate screen is even more effective to enhance the experience of using the new phone, greatly enhancing the use effect.

On the back design of the new machine, Vivo X70+ will use the matrix design style, the design of the back of the machine is also very founder, strong business atmosphere, the back of the new machine is made of glass and leather and other materials, the effect of the back of the whole machine is very good. In terms of the overall design of the new machine, vivo X70+ continues the design concept of Vivo family, with a more stylish look and better edge treatment.

Vivo X70+ will be powered by qualcomm’s Snapdragon 888Plus processor, which is also very powerful and supports 5G chips. In terms of heat dissipation, VIVO X70+ will use a large area heat dissipation module, which also makes the new machine more stable performance. In terms of memory combination, vivo X70+ will be equipped with 12GB+256GB of memory combination, the new model will be up to 16GB+512GB of memory combination, and vivo X70+ will support memory expansion, which makes the new model’s memory to a very powerful point. Whether playing games or watching movies can be very satisfying.

And in the new camera combination, vivo X70+ will be equipped with a single 100 million megapixel main camera plus a single 20 million megapixel camera plus a single 12 million megapixel plus 30X optical zoom four camera combination, in the new front camera head, the machine equipped with a single 32 million megapixel front camera, such a combination is also very leading. Among other features of the new device, the Vivo X70+ will feature flagship features such as on-screen fingerprint recognition, wireless charging(check out the history of wireless charging here), quick charging, facial recognition and NFC, which will further enhance the user experience.

Vivo X70+ will be officially released in the fourth quarter of this year. It is still some time away from its release, but the final release date of the new model has yet to be confirmed.

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