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Video Transmitters for Wireless Analog CCTV System

PAKITE is a leading developer & manufacturer of video and audio transmitter systems operating in license free 2.4GHz / 5.8GHz frequency band in China. A wide range of digital and analog AV sender products offered is able to satisfy the requirements of even the most demanding CCTV instalations.

We are a highly qualified group of professionals with more than 8 years experience, we are able to offer av products at the highest technical level. Concerned about the quality of our work we strive to build a dialogue with our customers, and thus to improve and increase the reliability of the presented offer. We are open to your suggestions and observations. All PAKITE wireless kits are designed for efficient transmission. Wireless transmission range: 150 meter, 200 meters, 250 meters, 300 meters, 350 meters, 500 meters and 700 meters.

Even in highly disturbed industrial environments. Number of video channels, combined with a very high quality make PAKITE transmission systems suitable for almost any demanding video CCTV system. Transmission of video and data via wireless PAKITE kits(Wireless av sender), allows for significant savings in terms of monitoring systems. In addition, the time required to carry out monitoring is reduced, and the damage done to the infrastructure facilities at the time of installation, are much smaller than when installing wiring. Another advantage is the ease of installation, mobility equipment and the ability to change the location of cameras without making any additional investment. Wireless CCTV system can also be a great complement to the existing wired network monitoring, without interference in existing wiring.

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