The most Unbreakable Indestructible Phones wholesale in bulk

What is it? It is the device that has undergone stringent tests to ensure it meets military standards and can thus withstand extreme temperatures, dust, drops and more, from harsh environment such as construction site.

blackview bv6600e

The universal called of the unbreakable handset in the market is named rugged phone, since this type of device can have survived where other devices could not, it’s very popular among those who live in tough environments.

Feature with excellent waterproof rating – IP68 & IP69K, and military 810G or 810H grade, with shells that are tough enough so you can drop them on hard surfaces without them breaking.

CNBgear carefully selected lines of the best rugged phones in the market, included FLIR thermal camera rugged phone, ultra-long battery life night vision camera phone, and the best 5G rugged smartphone and more, for you to choose from.

Pack excellent protection ratings against shock, dust and water, they have been ready for various of heavy use and rough use, meets the needs of those who work in harsh environment, thus, it is the best phone for construction workers, outdoor workers, truckers, coal miners, farmers, hikers, fireman and more.

Blackview BV9500 Plus
* Construction Worker

In terms of performance, equipped with powerful CPU processors and good RAM memory, as well as a large battery to ensure the device lasts longer and has enough processing power for most tasks, meets the needs of most daily use.

For those who require good capture experience, the good camera handset meld intricate optics and sensors with software algorithms that rely upon math and science to extract the best possible light, color and detail out of every scenario. To do better on capturing memorable images and once-in-a-lifetime shots. Besides, users are able to enjoy fun of underwater shooting via the built-in ‘underwater shooting mode’.

* Underwater Shooting

Also, feature with many practical features for outdoor, such as GPS navigation, air pressure sensor, compass, spirit level, thermal imaging, night vision, reverse charging and more.

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