Take you to understand PAKITE PAT-580

HDMI Jack is widely used at all of device, like PC, Camera,TV, Satellite Receiver, DVD and so on. Then the quantity demanded of wireless HDMI transmitter become more and more.

PAT-580 is new reach of PAKITE Technology, it’s a favorable products for those HDMI user.

300m HDMI Extender: Transmitter


PAT-580 Transmitter support 480P,576P,720P,1080I,1080P@60Hz as input resolution. At transmitter end, there is one group HDMI input and one group HDMI output. The HDMI input group is for connect DVD or other signal source with transmitter, the HDMI output group is for connect with TV directly. Which means one transmitter and one receiver support connect with two sets tv.

300m HDMI extender: receiver


PAT-580 Receiver support 576P resolution as output resolution, whatever input resolution is 720P or 1080P, the receiver will automatic change the output resolution as 576P. The receiver should be placed at within 10-15 meters after passed one wall, or it will cause unstable transmission.

PAT-580 HDMI tv to tv sender is stand at the mid side between RCA Jack av sender with 480P resolution and HDMI Jack av sender with 1080P resolution. It’s function still keep the RCA one, like one transmitter and many receivers, like 300 Meter long range transmission.

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