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2021 Tablet Buying Guide: Blackview Tab 9 replace Samsung Apple at cheaper price

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Choosing the best tablet is not an easy task. The market is full of tablets of different kinds. But not all of them are equally great and suitable for you. You need first to figure out what features are important to you when you use the tablet.

Blackview Tab 9

For someone who regards design and battery as the priority when choosing a tablet, Blackview Tab 9 is a good choice for you. In design, it features an 8.9mm slim body, very stylish and handy. On the back, it’s made of aluminum material, delivering a sturdy and tough feel. On the whole, it looks very classy and expensive. It’s satisfying in every way even for a detail phobic.

In terms of battery life, the latest Blackview tablet Tab 9 is truly an ace player as it has a 7480mAh massive battery. For a carry-around device, the importance of having long battery life cannot be overestimated. Think about that, you may take it to the square, cafe, restaurants to just video chat, browse news, study, or work while frequent charging could really spoil the fun, the efficiency, and everything.

According to the Blackview official website, it shows that Tab 9’s 7480mAh battery can support 6 hrs of video time, 6 hrs of game time, 7.5hrs of web browsing time, 38 hrs of music time, and 30hrs calling time. Basically, this is an awesome tablet to carry around without the hassle of carrying messy cables.

And Tab 9 comes with a free tablet case, which can definitely give full protection for the tablet. When you want to give a presentation, the tablet case can perform as a stand.

Blackview Tab 9 is scheduled to be available in May. More specs and details are going to be released. Keep you informed by visiting Blackview website.

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