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The devices have undergone stringent tests to ensure they meet military standards and can thus withstand extreme temperatures, shocks, immerse and more. With cases or shells that are tough enough, so you can drop them on hard surfaces without them breaking.

CNBgear carefully selected lines of the best anti-shock devices in the market, which pack excellent protection ratings against cold, hot, shock, drop, dust and water, and the battery life is excellent.

There is MIL-STD 810G and MIL-STD-810H phone for choosing, both the two military grade are mean the device is tough enough to have survived where other devices could not. Besides, 810G featured with 1.5 m drop-resistant, 810H is up to 1.8 m.

Calmly to deal with various of harsh environments from such as construction sites, road sites, wood factory and more, and challenges of field cycling, motorcycling, truck long-distance transport and more. The best rugged phone is what you are looking for.

In terms of performance, adopting powerful processors and fast RAM memory, as well as the latest Android to ensure the device has enough processing power for most tasks. Without worry of most daily use – even for those who live in a cold weather.

For those who require a good capture experience, the 48.0MP and 50.0MP cameras are able to meet the needs. And with good enough ROM storage to store massive photos.

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