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Send/Transmit Your Cable TV Signal to Another Room By Wireless

With wireless being the norm for so many of our electronic devices today, it’s pretty surprising to me that the standard way to connect a cable box to your TV is still with physical cables. And the surprise turns into annoyance when I want to put a TV in a room where I don’t have a cable outlet.


I had this situation when I bought my current house. I wanted to put a TV in my living room but there was no outlet there and neither option for putting one in—running the wires along the ceiling and floorboards inside the house or running them over the roof on the outside—was desirable. I’m thinking if there is an idea that can transmit the TV’s signal from one room to another room by wireless.

Fortunately, after doing some research, I found the PAKITE 8 Channel Remote Wireless Video Transmitter & Receiver System(known as wireless a/v sender, and one set a/v sender contains a transmitter and a receiver or two receivers), which sends the cable TV signal wirelessly from the cable box in my bedroom to my living room TV. Since then, I’ve upgraded my system from the PAT-580 model wireless HDMI, which has a single input and support transmit HDMI signals wirelessly by 300 Meters, but it’s output resolution is 720x576P, not is 1080P, but I found it’s very ok when I watch the TV shows. And their after services is very good!

Wireless av sender Installation Video

Note: These systems can also be useful even if you have them in the same room as your TV, but connecting devices with a cable isn’t ideal, e.g. if the TV is mounted on the wall.

One year later, the PAKITE company launched a real Full-HD HDMI wireless av sender after PAT-580 which named PAT-590, I recommended it to my neighbor, and now his home is install this full HD av sender, the viewing effect is really great!

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  1. I didn’t know this gadget was called wireless AV sender until today. haha, good gadget

  2. With this wireless sender can you change channels on the reciever tv that has no direct tv box?

    1. You can change channels via the wireless av sender by using the remote control, as it support IR remote control.

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