Realme is about to launch a gaming phone?

In recent years, the development of China digital manufacturers has become faster and faster, and their products have become more diversified. Among them, many mobile phone manufacturers have launched more subdivided gaming mobile phone products, which have won the likes of quite a few young consumers.

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As a China mobile phone brand with rapid development, realme will naturally not let go of this field. Just recently, an poster about the realme GT Neo Gaming version was exposed. Judging from the information obtained on the poster, the phone The model will be equipped with the Snapdragon 870 processor with lower power consumption, and the appearance design is more cool in gaming style, which is quite exciting.

In addition to revealing the processor and appearance changes of the realme GT Neo Gaming in the poster, we also saw in the poster that the model will also have a 64-megapixel main camera, while other aspects are not yet available. Clearly, we can only wait for further official warm-up. However, some netizens revealed that the 8+128GB version of this model is priced at US$499. According to realme’s past style, realme GT Neo Gaming comes to China, and the price may be lower. It is really good to insist on creating “leapfrog” products for domestic consumers.

At present, there are not many news about the warm-up of the realme GT Neo Gaming version, but you can make bold assumptions based on the configuration of the realme GT Neo. The first is the screen. We all know that the screen of realme GT Neo is very good. It is equipped with an OLED gaming screen that supports 120Hz high refresh rate and DCI-P3 wide color gamut. I believe this high-quality screen will also continue to realme GT Neo. Gaming brings a good visual experience for players.

At the same time, game players pay more attention to battery life. Realme GT Neo has excellent battery life. On the basis of the mainstream 4500mAh large battery, it also supports 50W fast charging, giving ordinary users the ability to quickly recover blood. And we also believe that realme GT Neo Gaming will have a more leapfrog battery life, or will be improved in charging technology, it is not necessarily when it comes to 65W fast charging or 120W fast charging, which can provide players with faster recovery of the game experience. ability.

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In addition to battery life, heat dissipation is also a concern for gamers. The strong heat dissipation capacity determines the performance of the mobile phone. The realme GT Neo has a very strong heat dissipation capability, which brings 3D tempered VC liquid cooling. I believe this will be further upgraded in realme GT Neo Gaming. In addition to the heat dissipation capacity, we can also boldly speculate in other aspects. For example, it will bring professional control methods more suitable for gaming phones, or will add under-screen presses, more touch buttons and other configurations, and stereo dual speakers will also continue. , To bring players a more three-dimensional gaming experience.

Many people have noticed that the positioning of the realme GT Neo Gaming version is a bit like the Redmi K40 game enhanced version. Looking at it this way, there are really similarities. For example, it is the first time that it involves the field of gaming phones. It is worth noting that this time realme also made up for the lack of the Redmi K40 game enhanced version on the chip, equipped with the Snapdragon 870, which is very popular with Mi Fan, and it seems to be fully fired.

It’s not difficult to see that although Realme is involved in the field of gaming phones for the first time this time, it is still well prepared. The design of competitive temperament, I believe that the appearance will make the players even more amazing. At the same time, with the arrival of realme GT Neo Gaming, the models under the realme GT series are more complete, and can be selected in various fields and price ranges. Friends who like realme, please look forward to the arrival of the new models!

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