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Tablets, as one of the important products line of Blackview, the company launches several competitive items which worth the best value in this year.

Compared with Apple’s tablet, in addition to not using the best screen today and not supporting advanced painting, the Blackivew tablet is perfectly competent for various daily uses and is definitely the first choice for the best budget. This is also the conclusion we have reached through long-term practical test experience.

So, what are the tablets that Blackview has recently launched? What are their characteristics? How is the price? Follow our steps to take a look!

The latest Blackview tablets list

The cheap but good tablets Blackivew has created!
Blackview Tab 13

Blackview Tab 13 (6+128GB)

First tablet with TÜV Rheinland certified.

As Blackview’s latest Android tablet flagship, Blackview Tab 13 has achieved great breakthroughs in Efficiency, Safety, Entertainment, and Convenience experience via hardware and software upgrades. Considering the safety, the eye protection is undoubtedly the biggest draw to expect.

Blackview Tab 13 is the first-ever Blackview tablet that obtains the TÜV Rheinland Low Blue Light certification to help greatly reduce blue light, cause less eye strain, and reduce irreversible harm to eyes in a dim-lit environment or in long-time viewing. From kids to the elderly, from students to office workers, everyone can get the edge from the eye-protected display, whether for work or play, with only one tap on the Eye-protection Mode. But that’s not all. Blackview Tab 13 also comes with the Dark Mode supported with 3 darkness levels and the Reading Mode that turns the display gray to bring out the best reading comfort and readability in any lighting.

Besides, Tab 13 is Blackview’s first tablet with computer mode, you can use it as a real “laptop computer”.

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Tab 12

Classic 4+64G pad launched in 2022.

The Tab 12 is lighter and thinner, which only with 430g weight and 7.4 mm thickness, but not decrease too much battery capacity. With a 6580 mAh battery and saving-power technology to ensure the device lasts long. This pad looks very fashionable and elegant, with carefully mind in design.

Adopts FHD+ 1200*1920p high resolution display screen, provides good viewing experience. This is the conclusion we came to after experiencing Tab 12 for ourselves. This is an Android 11 tablet.

Blackview Tab 6 Kids

Tab 6 Kids

Blackview’s first children’s tablet.

This children tablet come with a quite good look cute rugged protection case, and a handle that can be used as a stand and hand-held, very thoughtful design. And configure with an 8 inches display screen, provide good holding and viewing experience for children.

With built-in kids puzzle game APP and parental control mode, let your children enjoying both study and entertainment. What’s more, it comes with the most affordable price.

Blackview Tab 11

Blackview Tab 11

The 2021 flagship tablet of Blackview.

  • Widevine L1
  • 10.36″ 2K Display
  • 8GB+128GB
  • Dual SIM

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Blackview Tab 11 vs Xiaomi Mi pad 5

According to the official Blackview, the Tab 11 is positioned as a new flagship tablet and is expected to be completely different from its predecessor from the inside to the outside. On the hardware side, Blackview seems to make an effort to upgrade its tablet screen as Tab 11 is expected to sport a 10.36 inches 2K screen. And with thinner thickness.

At the same time, it comes with the Google DRM Widevine L1 certification, which users would be able to stream 1080p Full-HD or higher definition TV dramas, reality shows, Disney movies on APPs like YouTube, Netflix, Disney+, etc., greatly improved cinematic viewing comfort on the palms.

Another difference with the tablets launched before is, Tab 11 equipped with higher RAM and ROM, which the RAM is up to 8GB and ROM is up to 128GB. And powered with Unisoc T618 Octa-core powerful processor which is stronger than Snapdragon 660 and Helio P70, provides very smooth experience. What’s more, it come with the best affordable price compare with the same level products from other brands.

Blackview Tab 10 Pro

Another high-configuration tablet support DRM Widevine L1

After the launch of the Tab 10, it quickly became the Blackview best seller as one of the best alternatives to Apple, Huawei, and Samsung tablets for regular work and play. Recently, Blackview announced the launch of an upgraded variant called Tab 10 Pro this month to provide users with a brand-new level of productivity and entertainment experience.

One highlight is that Tab 10 Pro will be the first Blackview tablet to support 30W fast charge to refuel with full power more quickly. “Fast charge is common in the tablet market, but it’s not the case for Blackview tablets. Most Blackview users have expected it for long, and now it comes true in Tab 10 Pro,” said the Blackview Laboratory engineer. “Never a start go smoothly. We have undergone many challenges and finally found the safest way to top off Tab 10 Pro faster to elevate the charging experience”.

And Tab 10 Pro is certified with Google Widevine L1, the highest level that can play Widevine-protected content at the highest possible resolution on most leading streaming services, including Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, for cinema-like immersive enjoyment. This is the second latest tablet with Google DRM L1 certification from Blackview. That’s really a good news.

Blackivew Tab 6

Blackview’s first 8 inches Android tablet.

Tab 6 is an auxiliary tool is that it is a perfect substitute for a smartphone. How come? This question can be answered from four aspects —— dual 4G support, and 8-inch screen and dual Box speakers and 5MP+2MP cameras.

Tab 6 arrives with a 8-inch screen and a pleasant-to-the-eyes aspect ratio (16:10). That means workplace newcomers would get more space on the screen than a smartphone would offer while working on Google docs or sheets or unwinding on Tiktok, Youtube, Facebook or Instagram, etc. The elderly can enjoy more comfort in reading on a larger screen than a smartphone with enlarged word size.

Blackivew Tab 6

What’s more, Tab6 is coupled with dual 4G support, dual Box speakers, 2MP front camera and 5 MP rear camera. For workplace newbies, Tab6, like a smartphone but better, also allows them to have clear online meetings or conferences while they are on a business trip or far away from offices. With the help of Tab6, students can look up information in a library or cafe or have online classes even without Wifi.

Impressive alternative to Kindle.

Tab6 is an impressive alternative to Kindle. There are three specifications that make Tab6 live up to what is claimed to be. Those three are friendly-to-the-eyes screen modes, 3+32GB storage and 5580mAh large capacity battery.

To protect users’ eyes during use, Tab6 provides useful screen modes to achieve comfort of eyes while reading. Like Kindle, Tab6 also offers eBook mode that presents reading pleasure like that with paper books.

That makes Tab6 an awfully suitable substitute for Kindle and even better than Kindle. Because compared with most Kindles that are usually packed with 6-inch screens, 8 GB of storage and about 1500mAh battery, Tab6 ships with an 8-inch screen, 3GB RAM + 32GB ROM and 128GB expandable storage as well as 5580mAh battery.

Moreover, there are also Eyes-friendly Mode and Dark Mode to lessen eye strain when users read in a dark environment.



The best budget latest tablet of 2021

How is OSCAL Pad 8? Check out the useful review of OSCAL Pad 8 first. OSCAL Pad 8 tablet comes with a spreadtrum SC9863A Octa core CPU processor which up to 1.6GHz, combine with 4GB LPDDR4X RAM, offers a smoothly running experience. The device comes with a 6580 mAh battery, but the lasting time is very close to the 7800 mAh tablet by our test.

This tablet performs well overall, but it should be noted that when watching videos on video APPs such as YouTube or Netflix, it does not support full HD 1080p video playback, whether you are a member or not. Because the Google DRM certification is not supported by the device yet.

From the overall performance, if you are not looking for a pad for drawing or playing big games, the Blackview OSCAL Pad 8 is one of the best budget tablet that worth the value that you can buy today.

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  1. Pls, when Blackview tab 6 kids for sale? I want to get this pad for my children.

    1. Thanks for leaving message on CNBgear, please be more patient, the tab 6 kids is coming soon.

  2. Wow, great good news, can’t wait to see Tab6 kids tablet, hope it launches earlier

  3. Great good the pad8, very beautiful and fast. I could never imagine that I can buy such a good budget tablet.

  4. Obwohl das OSCAL PAD8 die GOOGLE DRM Zertifizierung nicht unterstützt, ist es auch in anderen Bereichen gut. Auch das 720p Video ist klar genug in einem 10-Zoll-Bildschirm. Ich habe es gekauft, wie es meinen Bedürfnissen entspricht.

  5. Заказал 100 PAD 8 от BLACKVIEW, и мой клиент очень доволен этим планшетом. Я заинтересован в их недавно выпущенном планшете TAB 11 и считаю, что он принесет мне прибыль. : >

  6. Eu peguei o $189 BLACKVIEW Tab 11 em Aliexpress. Eu realmente gosto deste tablet!

  7. Ho comprato Blackview tab 11 decisamente al prezzo di $189. E’davvero un buon affare!

  8. Three pcs tab6 kids order from BLACKVIEW store, as the Christmas present for my children. 🙂

  9. Il tab11 tablet è stato ricevuto. L’imballaggio è bello, il dispositivo è molto bello e funziona bene.

  10. Nice, my Christmas gift has been received, my honey present me a tab 11 tablet, very cool and running smoothly.

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