The Latest Oukitel Phones in 2021 & 2022

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As a rising star in the rugged mobile phone industry, Oukitel has finally gained a place in the rugged phone market after years of struggle. Although it is not as good as BLACKVIEW, the leader of rugged phones, it has not stopped catching up.

Oukitel company launched some new rugged phones in 2021, the price from 150 dollars to 430 dollars, and come with two types screen size at 5 inches and 6 inches. Generally, a mobile phone with a 5-inch screen is easier to put in the pocket. So, what are the main characters of Oukitel? Let’s dive in.

The Latest Oukitel Mobile Phones in 2021 & 2022

  • WP17
  • WP15
  • WP13
  • WP12 Pro


By investigation, WP17 is very similar to Blackview BV8800, but BV8800 has higher cost-effective.

WP17 powered with the latest Android 11 and MediaTek Helio G95 4G chip, 8GB LPDDR4X RAM and 128GB UFS2.1 ROM, it can be regarded as a high configuration. Equipped with 8300 mAh massive battery, provides long-lasting battery life, and the 64.0 MP main rear camera and 20.0 MP IR night vision camera, provides good capture experience.

The disadvantages of WP17 is, it just equipped with 18W charging, but Blackview BV8800 comes with 33W fast charging, two times speed of WP17. And WP17 comes with MIL-STD-810G military grade certified, but BV8800 comes with higher MIL-STD-810H military grade certified, make it tougher and more durable. The material used in the WP17 back shell makes it less sturdy, and the drop resistance will decrease. What’s more, WP17 has no self-developed operating system, but BV8800 has, which named Doke OS — This will let users experienced more practical Android features.

Oukitel WP17

Oukitel WP15

WP15 is the latest rugged mobile phone of 2021 from Oukitel, come with 15600mAh large battery and latest Android 11 OS, as the phone configure with a huge battery capacity, the device come with a big body. The overall appearance looks particularly cumbersome, but for those who like heavy duty mobile phones, this is its highlight. Like some people just like the slim rugged phone.

Oukitel WP15 use a 6.52 inches as its screen size, coupled with the heavy body, it is not so pocket-friendly. As a rugged device, it comes with IP68 water-resistant and MIL-STD-810G military grade verification. The rear camera configure with 48MP SONY camera, and the front camera is 8MP.

What is hard to understand is that this big battery smartphone is only equipped with a standard 18W charge, that means to charge full power from the device need at least more than 5 hours. WP15’s price start at $318 USD.

Oukitel WP15 IP68 rugged phone
Oukitel WP15

Oukitel WP13

As one of another IP68 phones, Oukitel WP13 was the latest phone of Oukitel which launched earlier than the WP15 IP68 smartphone.

The device is also configured with 8MP front camera and 48MP rear camera like the WP15, and 8GB RAM and 128GB ROM storage offer a good running basic on the device. With a thinner body compare to WP15, as the battery capacity is cut down to 5280mAh.

With MIL-STD-810G certified, this Android 11 smartphone is dust proof, water-resistant, and shock proof. Comes with a 6.52 inches big size Gorilla Glass screen, to make the screen tougher. These, are the basic configurations of a 3 proof phone. More functions included in the device are dual 5G, fingerprint unlock, face unlock, and NFC support.

Oukitel WP13 5G rugged smartphone
Oukitel WP13

Oukitel WP12 Pro

WP12 Pro was the low-end rugged phone of Oukitel which launched at March 2021. The display screen size is designed at 5.5 inches, configure with 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM storage and Mediatek Helio P22 CPU processor.

The device can not be working for a long time limited to its 4000mAh only battery capacity, for normal use, you need to charge every day. The price on its official site now is 159.99 dollars. By doing the market investigation, compare to WP12 Pro, the sells data shows that the Blackview BV6600 which configure with 8580mAh big battery is more worth the money, and gain so many orders from customers.

In the Oukitel WP12 Pro product page, we can’t see any details’ introduction content and specifications table. If you want to check the info about this product, you can search it in google search engine.

el WP12 Pro
Oukitel WP12 Pro


Above are the latest Oukitel rugged phones, and we will keep updating once the new model coming.


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  1. Not suggest the WP15. Applications do not work correctly. And phone functions. Always makes a mistake.

  2. My bad experience on OUKITEL WP12 PRO, I hope no one repeat my mistakes. Never trust the OUKITEL ads on the media website

  3. WP15 works not as well as I think, but it is ok for daily use, just a little high price

  4. Рекомендуется не покупать OUKITEL WP15, потому что всегда возникают проблемы и плохие впечатления от покупок.

  5. Well, Oukitel WP15 meet the needs of my daily use, it works ok, but charge too slowly.

  6. Hey, guys, don’t buy WP12 Pro, this phone isn’t worth the money. It can’t provide smooth experience.

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