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First time edit on 2021/06/09, and latest update on 2023/04/26.

Always be the first to know. Here is the list of all Blackview latest smartphones reported by CNBgear, include rugged smartphone and regular smartphone.

In the past two years, Blackview launched many products include smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, Mini PC and more. As one of the leaders of rugged phones, Blackview launched several good rugged Android like BV8800 and BV7100. They are the most worth to buy and the best Blackview phones. Below are all the phones launched by Blackview recently.

The latest smartphones launched by Blackview

The cheap but good phones BLACKVIEW has created

Below are listing all the latest phone models for checking out. Good News: Some are come with limited time discount code.

  • BV9300 — Flagship rugged phone, 15,080mAh battery, laser RangeFinder
  • BV9200 — 66W superfast charging phone
  • BV7200
  • BV7100 — Monster battery phone
  • BL8800 Pro — 5G thermal camera smartphone
  • BL8800 — 5G Night vision phone
  • BV8800 — 4G Night vision phone
  • BV5100 4GB+64GB — Slim rugged phone
  • A100
  • BL5000
  • BV6600 Pro — The cheapest thermal imaging handset.
  • A55
  • BV6600E
  • BV4900s


Laser RangeFinder/100LM Flashlight, 15,080mAh battery, 12+256GB

Blackview BV9300

The BV9300 is a flagship ruggedized smartphone, and there are two versions to choose from, including 100LM Flashlight version and Laser RangeFinder version. The laser rangefinder can measure distances up to 40 meters. And the 100LM super bright flashlight can be used in emergencies.

The BV9300 is powered by the most powerful 4G chip of MediaTek which named Helio G99, this processor adopts 6 nm process, it can handle even the most demanding tasks. The BV9300 comes with 12GB of RAM and 256GB of ROM, so you can have plenty of space to store your photos, videos, apps, and games. Besides, you can expand the storage up to 1TB using a microSD card.

The BV9300 comes with a 50MP main camera and 32MP Samsung GD2 front sensor, which would be a highlight since not many phones currently feature GD2 sensor. In terms of battery life, the BV9300 adopts a 15,080mAh massive battery plus 33W fast charge, provides ultra-long standby time. Other features including like support OTG, NFC, GPS and more. This flagship smartphone’s early bird promo (in AliExpress) is on May 10 – May 14, 2023, PT. The price is very ecstasy. You can join the promotion by click the link below.

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Blackview BV9300 will be the 2023 best ruggedized smartphone with laser range finder

Blackview 15000mAh ruggedized smartphone BV9300 coming soon


66W wired fast charging + 30W wireless charging, 120Hz display

This is Blackview first fast charging rugged phone equipped with 66W fast-charge, if you are value charging speed, Blackview BV9200 is deserved to have a try. BV9200 adopts 66W ultra-fast wired charging, it only takes under 1 hour to charge the device from 0% to 100%. It also supports 30W wireless fast charging. Besides, BV9200 provides you excellent browsing and gaming experience, thanks to equipped with up to 120Hz high display refresh rate. In sum, this rugged phone performances well in many areas, no matter in performance, storage, capture experience, or entertainment and more. BV9200 world premiere at its AliExpress store on January 9, 2023.


6+128GB, 50.0 MP camera

BV7200 powered with Android 12(Doke OS 3.0), adopting Helio G85 Octa-core 4G processors, 6GB RAM memory and 128GB ROM storage, throw in a 5180mAh big battery, to ensure the device lasts longer and has enough processing power for most tasks. This phone features tough structure design, good camera, and price.


13000 mAh + 33W Fast Charge, 6+128GB

BV7100 has a very reasonable price in the market. It is the battery king of Blackview rugged phone in 2022, it not only comes with a 13000 mAh massive battery, provides ultra-long battery life, but also equipped with 33W fast charge, let the device get back the power faster. It can be used as the portable power camping bank to replace the traditional power bank thanks to come with reverse-charge technology.

This is a powerful Android 12 phone, powered with Android 12 and equipped with 6GB RAM memory and 128GB ROM storage(support expendable storage up to 1TB TF card), provides smooth experience. Like Samsung XCover Pro, BV7100 support Glove Mode too – user can operate the device without take off the glove. Besides, BV7100 support fingerprint unlock and NFC, equipped with dual SIM slot.

BL8800 Pro

Global first toughest 5G thermal camera rugged phone.

It is the toughest and the best battery life phone equipped with FLIR thermal camera, with MIL-STD-810H military grade certified, makes it tougher. The new features of BL8800 series we have to mention is, it comes with a Glove Mode – slip the screen without take off your glove in the cold weather.

The Glove Mode allows you to click and slide on the screen as responsive as like when with bare hands by increasing screen touch sensitivity.

Here is the BL8800 series battery test review.

BL8800 Pro world premiere on May 23, 2022.

  • Buy BL8800 Pro in Blackview global store: Click here ($20 Discount code: BVZW20 Expired on Jun. 5)


Blackview first 5G rugged smartphone with night vision camera.

Blackview BL8800 vs Cat S62 Pro vs Samsung

BL8800 is the upgrade version of BV8800, still adopting 50.0 MP AI main camera plus 20.0 MP IR night vision camera, 8380 mAh massive battery and 33W fast charge, as well as 90Hz display. The difference with BV8800 is, BL8800 adopts 5G chips and comes with Glove Mode like Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro.

World premiere on May 23, 2022.

  • Buy BL8800 in Blackview global store: Click here ($20 Discount code: BVZW20 Expired on Jun. 5)

Blackview BV8800

The 2022 monster battery heavy-duty phone.

Blackview BV8800

This new phone has surprised us since the first time we touch it. There are at least seven big highlights worth to mention, and we think it is one of the best value rugged smartphones while compared to other brands.

First, it comes with a very cool body, the highly technological sense design and beautiful lines complement each other. Secondly, Blackview BV8800 equipped with an IR night vision camera, what’s it for? You can use it as a hidden camera detector, to discover the hidden cameras while you stay in a hotel or go to the public toilet. This is a very practical feature!

Third, this phone equipped with 90Hz high refresh rate, it will not produce dizziness sense when swiping the screen to browse information like a smartphone with a low refresh rate. And the other four highlights are: equipped with 50.0MP main rear camera, 8380 mAh ultra-big battery, 33W fast-charging, and 365g weight. More features like MediaTek most powerful 4G chip Helio G96, LPDDR4X 8GB RAM and 128GB UFS 2.1 ROM, NFC, MIL-STD-810H military grade certified.

  • Buy BV8800 in Blackview global store: Click here ($15 Discount code: BVZW15 Expired on Jun. 5)
  • Buy BV8800 in Blackview AliExpress store, Click here.

BV5100 4GB RAM + 64GB ROM Version

The one of the Blackview best budget durable smartphone you should have.

Launched at April 2021. This model belongs to the Blackview rugged smartphone series, come with MIL-STD-810G certified. Why does the 4+64GB version appear? The reason is that the experience of BV5100 has been very good in the market. The combination of hardware and software is basically impeccable, that is, the price of the machine with internal storage capacity of 128GB exceeds the budget of some people, and they do not need such a large storage capacity.

The storage capacity of the 32GB version is slightly insufficient, so 64GB of storage capacity, plus 4GB of large enough running memory, can well meet the needs of these people, and the price is 20 dollars cheaper than the 128GB version.

Blackview A100

The 2021 flagship normal smartphone of Blackview.

Blackview A100
Blackview A100

According to the latest official news, the A100 Android handset will be officially launched soon, and it has now been promoted on major media websites. The rarest news we have received is that the A100 is the flagship smartphone of the Blackview brand A series. Compared with other A series smartphones, whether it is CPU, GPU, or camera and other configurations, A100 adopts the most high-end configuration.

In addition, the A100’s operating system is also worth mentioning. Its 1GB of running memory is almost equivalent to the 2GB of running memory of other Android handsets. This is due to the in-depth optimization of the operating system and the ability to set restrictions on applications that do not need to be run. Operation greatly improves the smoothness of machine operation.

However, the price of the A100 is cheaper than other handsets with the same configuration. Therefore, it will be a very worthwhile model that can minimize your budget. And it was added into the 2021 best Chinese phones that worth to buy list.

Newest update: Blackview A100 was launched at June 2021.

  • Buy A100 on Blackview official store: Click here ($10 Discount code: BVZW10 Expired on Jun. 5)
  • A100 on Blackview AliExpress store: Click here

Blackview BL5000

The 2021 flagship rugged smartphone of Blackview.

Blackview BL5000 Gaming Rugged Phone

Blackview BL5000 was launched at the end of July 2021. The biggest highlight of this phone is the combination of gaming and rugged. This will change the past history of rugged phones unable to play large-scale games smoothly. So it is the global first gaming rugged phone from China.

We got this model from Blackview official and test it. The very popular large-scale game ‘Genshin’ was running so smoothly on the device, and the machine did not cause overheating even play more than 3 hours. The battery life is also quite awesome.

Another feature of BL5000 is the night selfie, when you take selfies in some dark places, the effect of the pictures will be like those taken in daylight. And this phone comes with MIL-STD-810G military standard certified.

BV6600 Pro

The Cheapest Thermal Camera Phone you can buy.

BV6600 Pro

If you are looking for a thermal imaging camera smartphone with big battery at cheapest price, the Blackview BV6600 Pro ruggedized handset which come with IP68 & IP69K water-resistant, and MIL-STD-810G military standard certified is your first choice. BV6600 Pro comes with a 8580 mAh big battery and cool look.

Thermal Imaging

This is a new phone of Blackview of 2021, and it was launched on September 11, 2021, you can buy BV6600 Pro now in their official store. ($15 Discount code: BVZW15 Expired on Jun. 5)


Budget big screen fashion phablet under $120 USD.

Blackview A55
Blackview A55

Blackview A55 was launched at Dec.2021, this phone is suitable for those who require the price under 120 USD, and meet their needs of daily uses. Come with a 6.528 inch full angle screen, trendy and elegant design, and powered with the latest Android 11, make it not lagging behind the trend of the times. Equipped with quad-core 2.0GHz CPU processor and 3GB RAM + 16GB ROM(support 64GB TF Card), 4780mAh big battery and 8MP+5MP cameras, at the price under 120 USD, it is very difficult to find the same good configurations phone.

  • Buy A55 on Blackview AliExpress store: Click here

Blackview BV6600E

The 2021 best cheap big battery tough phone you shouldn’t miss.

Blackview BV6600E

BV6600E is another latest tough phone of Blackview with big battery, it is a low-profile version of BV6600, come with 8580 mAh high battery capacity. It has the same outward with BV6600 Pro, but do not have thermal imaging camera.

It is the best choice for those looking for a big battery smartphone at great cheap price. Blackview BV6600E is now available on their official store. ($7 Discount code: BVZW07 Expired on Jun. 5)

Blackview BV4900s

The cheapest new rugged handset you can buy in 2021.

Blackview BV4900s

Blackview BV4900s is now (2021.10.8) available at its official online store, with promotion price under 100 dollars. Here is the guide of Blackview BV4900s for reading.

The phone comes with 2GB RAM + 32GB ROM and 5580mAh big capacity Battery, like the BV6600, it supports reverse charging. And powered with Android 11 Go OS, running smoothly for daily use.

  • Buy BV4900s in Blackview official store, click here ($7 Discount code: BVZW07 Expired on Jun. 5)

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  1. I got a Blackview A100. Really surprised me, great device for money, camera with sensor very good.

  2. Really love the BV6600 Pro, amazing heat imaging camera at most affordable price.

  3. BL5000 is quite good, nice capture experience, smooth game experience, I suggest this phone, guys.

  4. BV6600pro действительно хорош, цена очень доступная

  5. Still like BV4900 Pro, good price and quality. My friend bought the latest BV5100 and it looks good also.

  6. Kupiłem A100 dla mojej żony, bardzo go uwielbia, to taki tani, dobry aparat.

  7. Cost-effective Blackview A100 and BL5000, which help me earn profits. Happy cooperation with Blackview.

  8. Für mich ist die Blackview A70 das beste Handy. Billig und einfach zu bedienen!

  9. Für mich ist Blackview A100 das beste Handy. Günstiger Preis, exzellente Fotografie, gefällt mir.

  10. The bv6600 pro flir thermal phone is awesome. Powerful, heavy. I turned it on, it works. I’ll hide until the new year as a gift. Inside charging and a thing to open the phone.

  11. BV5100 is really a good phone for builders, I have been taken it to the construction site more than six months. Good battery life, waterproof and drop proof.

  12. The BL5000 smartphone has been received, I think this must be a special Christmas day, my boyfriend focus on this phone for a long time.

  13. My A100 has been received, in this Christmas day, I will give my girl a very big surprised. Thanks cnbgear!

  14. My BV5100 and BV6600 Pro have been received today, that’s my best Christmas gift for my farther and my uncle. They like the Blackview rugged phone so much. And, thanks for CNBgear’s guides post.

  15. My BL6000 Pro and BV6600 Pro have been received today. Nice packaging, and the phone works well. 🙂

  16. I received my A100 today, very slim and fashion smartphone, it works so smoothly. I think it will help me shooting many beautlful moment in Christmas day.

    1. Hi, Isabella
      Thanks for leaving messages on CNBgear. Please feel free to share your shopping or using experiences with all readers here, to give them some refers.

  17. Very nice thermal camera phone BLACKVIEW BV6600 Pro, received it today, I like this heavy duty phone.

  18. Very nice camera phone, Blackviw a100 is one of the best Christmas gifts I received.

  19. Six pcs BV8800 order from Blackview Aliexpress store, waiting for shipping now. 🙂 Very nice and cost-effective rugged phone!

  20. My god, are you kidding me! BL8800 Pro promo price, such low?! Come on, it is a 5G thermal imaging phone, I never saw such an crazy price. I’ve told my friends this breaking news. We have been ready to hands on.

  21. What a fuck unexpected breaking news, such good promo price, I decided to get one bl8800 pro FLIR rugged phone in the early bird promotion.

  22. I’m also got one BV6600 pro, too. Well, have to say that it doesn’t dissapointed me

  23. Blackview bv8800 is quite a step up from my previous BV6600. The fingerprint sensor is very responsive. The processors are very fast even while gaming, which looks great on games that support the 90Hz screen refresh rate. The screen has a bezeless design with rounded corners and a top that wraps around the camera lens.

    The night mode is quite vivid and detailed even in the dark, just like in the pictures, making it more useful for aphotic navigation than the FLIR on the BV6600. Other useful features include a compass, spirit level, microscope, gradiometer, sound meter, and other measuring tools, as well as a physical button on the left side of the phone, a hallmark of Blackview’s phones, that can perform up to three separate functions from a list of many, including launching apps, turning on the flashlight, etc.

  24. Bought Blackview BV8800 specifically hoping for water & bomb-proof construction and huge battery. I am not at all disappointed.

    I am outdoors often and am extremely hard on phones (like dropped in pools, in whitewater, off cliffs, out of helicopters, left in sun for hours kind of hard). My last two phones were good but eventually succumbed to water on river trips.

    I had never heard of blackview before but wanted a “rugged” phone and this had good reviews and was a decent price for the specs. I’ve had it 2 weeks.

    I got back yesterday from a 3 day kayaking trip on a class III whitewater river in Idaho. This phone, which also serves as my map and GPS, sat in the bottom of my kayak in a mesh bag completely submerged in water for the entire trip. Worked perfect the entire time. The speaker got a little fuzzy from the water but once dried out it works fine again.

  25. BV7100 Smartphone rugged eccezionale con caratteristiche da top di gamma ed una batteria infinita! Tantissime funzionalità abbinate al sistema operativo android 12 che lo rendono veloce e versatile. Lo sblocco tramite riconoscimento facciale piuttosto che con impronta dìgitale funziona benissimo ed è molto affidabile. La batteria è sicuramente uno dei pezzi forti di questo smartphone con una capacità di 13Ah permette l’uso intenso per un paio di settimane senza problemi. Fantastica inoltre la possibilità di carica inversa verso altri smartphone e tablet! Molto buona la struttura shockproof che lo rende ideale ad ogni lavoro e sport. Buona anche la fotocamera con possibilità di uso in versione subacquea. Consigliatissimo!

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