The Latest Blackview Phones List of 2021

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Blackview has launched many new products in 2021. But there is one very important thing. Maybe you haven’t heard of it. Blackview recently (June) officially announced that it will launch its new sub-brand OSCAL, which will open up another market in the future, thereby giving Blackview more of the electronics industry market share.

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In today’s highly competitive environment in the electronic product market, the iteration speed of electronic products such as smart phones is much faster than in the past. So what products and smartphones will Blackview launch in 2021? Let’s dive in.

What products does Blackview launch latest at 2021?

Blackview’s main products include rugged smartphones, ordinary Android phones, tablets, smart watches, and wireless Bluetooth headsets. In addition, according to the gossip we have learned, Blackview will launch its first entry-level notebook in the next few months. Whether it will be the main product and its market positioning is unclear. We will tell you as soon as we get the latest news.

Almost every product series of Blackview will launch corresponding new products in 2021, such as BV5100 (4GB+64GB) rugged smartphone, BL5000 rugged gaming phone, A90 Android smartphone, Tab9 and Tab 10 tablet computer, FitBuds 1 neck-mounted wireless headset, AirBuds 5 Pro best noise cancelling earbuds, etc.

Next, we will introduce in detail the new mobile phones launched in 2021.

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What new phones does Blackview launch at 2021?

The cheap but good phones BLACKVIEW has created

Below are listing all the latest phone models for checking out.

  • BV5100 4GB+64GB Version
  • A90
  • A100
  • BL5000
  • BV6600 Pro
  • BV6600E
  • BV4900s

1. BV5100 4GB RAM + 64GB ROM Version

The one of the Blackview best budget durable smartphone you should have

Launched at April of 2021. This model belongs to the Blackview rugged smartphone series, come with MIL-STD-810G certified. Why does the 4+64GB version appear? The reason is that the experience of BV5100 has been very good in the market. The combination of hardware and software is basically impeccable, that is, the price of the machine with internal storage capacity of 128GB exceeds the budget of some people and they do not need such a large storage capacity.

The storage capacity of the 32GB version is slightly insufficient, so 64GB of storage capacity, plus 4GB of large enough running memory, can well meet the needs of these people, and the price is 20 dollars cheaper than the 128GB version.

Blackview A90

2. A90

This is a new ordinary phablet smartphone launched at May of 2021. The stylish appearance, slim body, and high cost performance can meet the needs of young people with insufficient budget.

For the elders, this is also the best gift for young people who have no financial means. You only need to spend a small amount of money to get a piece of happiness and satisfaction from the recipient, why not do it?

Blackview A100
Blackview A100

3. A100

The 2021 flagship normal smartphone of Blackview.

According to the latest official news, the A100 Android smartphone will be officially launched soon, and it has now been promoted on major media websites. The rarest news we have received is that the A100 is the flagship smartphone of the Blackview brand A series. Compared with other A series smartphones, whether it is CPU, GPU, or camera and other configurations, A100 adopts the most high-end configuration.

In addition, the A100’s operating system is also worth mentioning. Its 1GB of running memory is almost equivalent to the 2GB of running memory of other Android smartphones. This is due to the in-depth optimization of the operating system and the ability to set restrictions on applications that do not need to be run. Operation greatly improves the smoothness of machine operation.

However, the price of the A100 is cheaper than other phones with the same configuration. Therefore, it will be a very worthwhile model that can minimize your budget. And it was added into the 2021 best Chinese phones that worth to buy list.

Newest update: Blackview A100 was launched at June of 2021.

Blackview BL5000 Gaming Rugged Phone

4. BL5000

The 2021 flagship rugged smartphone of Blackview.

Blackview BL5000 was launched at the end of July of 2021. The biggest highlight of this phone is the combination of gaming and rugged. This will change the past history of rugged phones unable to play large-scale games smoothly. So it is the global first gaming rugged phone from China.

We got this model from Blackview official and test it. The very porpular large-scale game ‘Genshin’ was running so smoothly on the device, and the machine did not cause overheating even play more than 3 hours. The battery life is also quite awesome.

Another feature of BL5000 is the night selfie, when you take selfies in some dark places, the effect of the pictures will be like those taken in daylight. And this phone comes with MIL-STD-810G military standard certified.

BV6600 Pro

5. BV6600 Pro

The Cheapest Thermal Camera Phone you can buy

If you are looking for a thermal imaging camera smartphone with big battery at cheapest price, the Blackview BV6600 Pro ruggedized phone which come with IP68 & IP69K water-resistant, and MIL-STD-810G military standard certified is your first choice. BV6600 Pro comes with 8580 mAh big battery and cool look.

Thermal Imaging

This is a new phone of Blackview of 2021, and this phone was launched on September 11, 2021, you can buy BV6600 Pro now in their official store.

Blackview BV6600E

6. BV6600E

The 2021 best cheap big battery tough phone you shouldn’t miss

BV6600E is another latest tough phone of Blackview with big battery, it is a low-profile version of BV6600, come with 8580 mAh high battery capacity. It has the same outward with BV6600 Pro, but do not have thermal imaging camera.

It is the best choice for those looking for a big battery smartphone at great cheap price. Blackview BV6600E is now available on their official store.

Blackview BV4900s

7. BV4900s

The cheapest new rugged smartphone you can buy in 2021

Blackview BV4900s is now (2021.10.8) available at its official online store, with promotion price under 100 dollars. Here is the guides of Blackview BV4900s for reading.

The phone comes with 2GB RAM + 32GB ROM and 5580mAh big capacity Battery, like the BV6600, it supports reverse charging. And powered with Android 11 Go OS, running smoothly for daily use.


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