Is Blackview a Chinese Company? Is It Come From China?

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As an excellent cellphone manufacturer, Blackview growing very fast in a short few years, the company has owned more than 100 peoples nowadays.


Blackview Location

Blackview company is located in Shenzhen China, a fast-growing city in the world. Found in near 2014, owned over six years experiences until 2021. And it is well-known by it’s rugged cellphone, which fits for those people who works in special industries and outdoor sports lovers, and strongest phone lovers.

This Chinese company’s office building is near to the Metro station of ‘Qinghu’ station which belongs to line4/Longhua Line in Shenzhen.

Business Areas

We found that Blackview isn’t only satisfied with its well-known rugged smartphone, but also develops other areas’ electronic products such as normal Android smartphones, smartwatches, tablets, phone screen protectors, earphones, and other related external parts, but insists on walking fine-goods line.

Readed the post, how many impressions do you have in this Chinese company?

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