Is Apple or Xiaomi launch sub-brand OSCAL Latest?

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Everyone knows that Redmi is the real brother of Xiaomi and the iPhone is the real brother of APPLE, so do you know whose real brother OSCAL is?

If you are a rugged phone fan, then you must be familiar with the brand Blackview. It has a pivotal position in the rugged phone industry. Doogee, Ulefone, Oukitel, Unihertz, etc. are all latecomers, and its market position is far behind Blackiew. So what is the relationship between OSCAL and Blackview? Smart, you must have guessed the answer.

Blackview launches OSCAL

Yes, OSCAL is the brother of Blackview. The relationship is like Redmi and Xiaomi. According to official news, OSCAL will be officially listed in the near future, and you can now see relevant news from many online media websites. So what products does OSCAL focus on? What kind of market positioning is it?

What products does the new launch electronic brand OSCAL own?

According to the news currently learned, Blackview’s newly launched sub-brand OSCAL’s main product line has at least smartphones. We guess that they will have two series of mobile phones, namely ordinary smartphones and rugged outdoor smartphones. At present, they revealed the models of two ordinary smartphones to be launched, namely C20 and C20 Pro.

As an entry-level smartphone, the C20’s specs is not announced yet, it may be announced at latest few weeks, and we will notify you as soon as possible. C20 Pro is an upgraded version of C20. Undoubtedly, it must be equipped with better hardware than C20. Its price will also be slightly higher than C20. More, read the latest tablet Pad 8 review here.

What kind of market positioning is OSCAL?

Although the official has not announced the market positioning of OSCAL, we guess that it will be positioned in a cheaper market like Xiaomi’s Redmi. What is the specific situation, we will follow the official news in the next few weeks and communicate to you as soon as possible.


The new electronic brand OSCAL was not launched by Xiaomi nor Apple. It was launched by BLACKVIEW and is scheduled to be officially launched in June. The two products currently revealed are C20 and C20 Pro.


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