Beneath the Surface: 6 Hidden iPhone Camera Settings for Creative Photography

Apple’s iPhone is a marvel of modern technology. It is more than a communication device. The phone is a creative tool, especially for amateur and seasoned photographers.

iPhone Camera Settings

On the face of it, the default camera application can be accessed by tapping on the Camera icon. The application is user-friendly and quickly captures stunning pictures with a single tap. However, there are loads of hidden features in the application you might have overlooked or never bothered exploring.

So, let’s take you on a journey to unlock your iPhone’s full photographic potential. Keep reading to capture artistic shots that are anything but ordinary.

Compose Better with Gridlines

Gridlines can be displayed on your iPhone’s camera screen so you can master the art of composition. This is an effective tool in helping users compose their photos. These gridlines ensure the horizon levels are accurate when clicking landscape pictures. Also, the grids can be used to compose shots according to the rule of thirds.

As a photographer, you might be aware of the rule of thirds. This is a classic composition technique that ensures the photo looks pleasing. The subject must be placed in the off-center. Alternatively, the subject can be placed at the intersections where the lines meet.

You can switch on the camera grid by opening the Settings app > selecting Camera > ensure the Grid option is on

Live Photos

Live Photos is an excellent Apple technology that allows a single photo to be a short video or a still picture. You can also convert video to live photo using this feature. But your phone must run iOS 13 or later for this feature to work.

You can convert a video to a live photo using the intoLive application. Launch the app and choose the video. You can apply some basic editing if required and tap Make. You must specify the number of repeats the live photo must include and then tap Save Live Photo.

It is possible to make a live photo a video. To do this, open the Photos app > select Live Photos > choose the photos you wish to convert to videos > select the Share button > choose Save as Video.

You can also convert live photos to GIFs and vice versa.

Night Mode

Night Mode is activated automatically when your iPhone’s camera detects a low light setting. This means you are taking a long exposure shot to create a crisp photo in low-light environments.

On activating Night Mode, you will see a number displayed on the top of your camera screen. This indicates how long the exposure will take to click the picture.

It is essential to keep your phone steady when clicking in this mode. Also, it is best to avoid clicking fast-moving subjects as it will not provide the best results.

Smart HDR

The Smart HDR feature takes vibrant pictures in high-contrast settings. In this mode, your iPhone’s camera will take a series of pictures that will blend the best parts of each. Thus creating stunning results.

Please note that the camera uses AI to make creative decisions. It may result in unnatural-looking pictures. You can enable or disable this feature in the Settings app.

Portrait Lighting

Portrait Lighting is a feature you can use when clicking pictures in Portrait Mode. Using this feature, you can change the lighting in your photo. Tap the camera screen on your phone to make the picture look like it was taken in a studio or at a stage.

You can use Portrait Lighting by choosing the Portrait Mode in the camera application. You can use different lighting effects: studio light, natural light, stage light mono, stage light, and contour light.

Choose the default Natural Light setting if you do not want to add lighting effects. You can use Contour Light if you’re going to create moody portraits. You can use Studio or Stage Light to click professional-looking results.

Pet Recognition

With iOS 17, Apple has changed the iPhone’s camera. The image recognition capabilities of the Photos application are improved, and it can recognize friends, family, and pets.

The ability of the Photos app to recognize and detect animals has been introduced previously. But with this new update, it can identify animals that are essential by considering the number of pictures you have of them. Hence, in iOS 17, you will see the People album as the People and Pets album. You can add your pets’ names to let your phone know whose picture you are clicking.

Similar to this, there are other camera changes and improvements that have come with iOS 17.

Summing Up

These are some hidden camera settings and features on your iPhone you must explore if you want to click crisp, vibrant pictures. These settings will help you hone your photography skills.

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