Wireless AV Sharing Device, the best plan for one pcs DVD and many pcs TV

Now, digital signal has instead analog signal in most cities. In the TV set up a digital set-top box, there is no problem for one pcs set-top box output two or three groups av signal, but factory only set up one group av output for get more profit. You must purchase two or more pcs set-top box if you have many pcs TV. One pcs set-top box cost 400-500RMB, and we have to pay the extra fee for the signal, it’s a big deal for long time. Therefore, it would be a great solution to realize the wireless transmission of cable TV signals.

Several days ago, someone order one set wireless tv transmitter and receiver from PAKITE, he said this device support one pcs DVD av signal sharing to two or more pcs TV, but the same program.

Made a careful study of the wireless sharing device, wireless sharing device is a breakthrough of set-top box, this device allows multiple TV viewing of a set-top box at the same time show the most convenient way, if you have many pcs of TV then you just need to buy several receivers, besides it’s wireless transmission, saving wiring trouble family tedious. We need to connect the RCA cable between transmitter and set-top box, receivers connect with TV, then we can review the program at another room.

At first I am worries about the latency or other problems, but it works well, clear picture, good sound, and the seller provide the favorable price. It’s small size and easy installation, I would prefer to order one sets again. PAKITE provide professional suggestion according my using environments, it’s a good product and famous company in AV Sender flied.

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