Do thermal cameras emit harmful radiation?


No, thermal cameras do not emit radiation. They only detect infrared radiation that is emitted by objects, including the human body. This infrared radiation is not harmful to the human body. In fact, thermal cameras are often used in medical settings to measure body temperature without touching the patient.

Thermal cameras work by using a sensor that is sensitive to infrared radiation. This sensor converts the infrared radiation into an electrical signal, which is then amplified and processed by a computer. The computer then creates an image of the object, with warmer objects appearing brighter and cooler objects appearing darker.

The infrared radiation that thermal cameras detect is non-ionizing radiation. This means that it does not have enough energy to break chemical bonds in DNA. Ionizing radiation, on the other hand, can damage DNA and lead to cancer. Thermal cameras do not emit any ionizing radiation, so they are not harmful to the human body.

In fact, thermal cameras can be used to detect and measure ionizing radiation. This is because ionizing radiation also emits infrared radiation. However, thermal cameras do not emit ionizing radiation themselves.

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