Can you use a 67w charger to charge a 33w phone?

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67w charger

Yes, you can use a 67W charger to charge a 33W phone. The phone will only draw the amount of power it needs, so it will not be damaged. In fact, it may even charge faster than it would with a 33W charger, as the 67W charger will be able to deliver more power to the phone.

Here is how it works:

  • The charger will output a certain voltage and amperage.
  • The phone will have a maximum voltage and amperage that it can accept.
  • The charger and the phone will negotiate a charging speed that is within the limits of both devices.

In this case, the charger will output 67W, but the phone will only draw 33W. This is because the phone’s maximum charging speed is 33W.

Using a higher wattage charger will not damage your phone, but it will not make it charge any faster than it would with a charger that is designed for its specific wattage.

So, if you have a 67W charger, you can use it to charge your 33W phone without any problems. It will charge just as fast as it would with a 33W charger.

Here are some additional things to keep in mind when using a higher wattage charger with a lower wattage phone:

  • The charger may get warm during use, but this is normal.
  • Do not use a charger that is not designed for your phone. This could damage the phone or the charger.
  • If you are using a third-party charger, make sure it is from a reputable brand.

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