Blackview BV6600 to Launch New 8580mAh Versions: BV6600E while BV6600 Pro with Thermal Imaging

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Earlier this year, Blackview unveiled the BV6600 rugged phone. Featuring a gigantic 8580mAh battery, BV6600 soonly became one of the Blackview bestsellers with rocketing sales over 200,000 units within months and gained great popularity in the rugged phone market. Recently, with the strong expectations from the BV6600 fans, Blackview is set to launch two versions of BV6600 called BV6600E and BV6600 Pro in September.

Blackview is a global technology brand that started as a rugged phone manufacturer. After years of development, its product covers mainstream smartphones, earphones, laptops, tablets and smartwatches. Backed by Tech-driven, Intelligent, Joyful, and Dynamic DNA, Blackview is committed to letting more people enjoy smart life with premium quality, high performance and friendly price.

BV6600-BV6600e-BV6600 Pro

Blackview BV6600E & Blackview BV6600 Pro

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The BV6600E will be a simplified BV6600 while the BV6000 Pro comes with more features. Blackview BV6600E will inherit the popular spec of BV6600 – 8580mAh battery and can be a great value-for-money rugged battery beast. Blackview BV6600 Pro, besides the 8580mAh battery, will pack a thermal imaging camera. With the thermal imaging function only available in Blackview BV9800 Pro and BV9900 Pro before, now it’s embedded in a more affordable BV6600 Pro, making it the most competitive thermal rugged phone with large battery and high affordability.

The thermal imaging phone can be widely used. You can use it to detect defects in pipes in the underfloor heating system at home, check potential sources of ignition or still-burning fires outdoors, diagnose failures in mechanical equipment, etc. Now it’s even available with various fun uses. For example, you can detect fevers or high heat emitted by people to avoid being infected and check whether your first dating partner has some love feelings for you.

In addition, BV6600E and BV6600 Pro are speculated to share the slim but rugged appearance and come different in the camera module, CPU & storage, network connectivity specs and navigation system.

Blackview BV6600 Specifications

Although more features are to be disclosed, rough information can be obtained from BV6600 description.

The most striking feature of BV6600 will definitely be the 8580mAh battery. Thanks to the advanced dual electric cores technology, the battery performance can compare the rugged phone with 10000mAh battery while enabling safety and slimmer design. It supports up to 792hrs of network-off standby time and up to 430hrs of RG/WiFi standby time and serves as a power bank to get other devices charged.

In some battery reviews, “during our intense browsing test, the battery of our review unit lasted for 19 hours and 2 minutes. This result is excellent for the 8580mAh battery of the BV6600.”. (From devicespecifications dot com/en/editor-review/a129b4/10); “I have used the phone for 1 month. Everything works well. With a 8580 mah battery, it’s obviously heavier than other phones. But that’s okay. A full charge is able to last me two days with heavy use.” (From kimovil dot com/en/opinions/blackview-bv6600)

Besides, an octa-core processor with 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM allow for smooth multitasking. Samsung® S5K3P9SX 16MP rear camera with underwater modes help capture wonderful photos either on land or in water. IP68 & IP69K & MIL-STD-810G certified, it resists water immersion, drops and rough uses and can be your outdoor and travel companion.

The premiere day and pricing information of BV6600E and BV6600 Pro are yet unavailable at the moment. Please stay tuned.

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