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Maybe you have read reviews about “the best cheap cellphones in 2021” or some thing like that on well-known tech websites such as Nevertheless, there is a good chance that the cost exceeds the budget for a lot of people. Because all people have their own requirements, so it is hard to please all.

But please don’t feel disappointed. In order to find the 4G smartphone with minimum budget and fast speed in 2021, we have conducted an in-depth investigation. And as a result, two cost-effective products – designed for regular smart phone users and outdoor rugged phone users respectively – win for their excellent performance and are both under US$180.

Basically, they both have some common functions as other smart phones, such as navigation, camera, 4G LTE connection, video recording, voice recording and so on. Besides, coupled with qualified hardware and running the latest Android operating system, both devices run smoothly with little to lag.

Now, we will introduce the two 4G mobile phones respectively .

Blackview A70 4G Phones

Fast, 5380 mAh big battery, 4G LTE, low budget at 89.69 dollars.

Blackview A70 is one of the best-selling budget phones on the market today. It runs the latest Android 11, and is equipped with MTK octa-core processor and 3GB RAM, all of which deliver a smooth and responsive experience and earn it consistently positive reviews.

Blackview A70 has been fitted with a 5380mAh high-capacity battery, aiming to offer above-average battery life. With a screen size of 6.517 inches, it is clear and pleasing to eyes, bringing great convenient to watch movies and YouTube. Additionally, with good sound effect, it allows you to get immersed easily.

This device’s stylish appearance is also in line with aesthetic needs of users. More importantly, its 13MP rear camera and 5MP front camera shoot better photos compared with Meizu M5 which comes into similar configuration.

According to investigations, we have found that many fathers would choose this product as a gift to their children thanks to its affordable price, smooth experience, high-capacity battery and stylish appearance.

Last but not least, it should be noted that Blackview A70’s frequency band only supports in Europe and Asia.


The best cheap super-big battery 4G rugged smartphone.

This low budget MIL-STD-810G certified ruggedized smartphone is very suitable for outdoor activities without fear of harsh environment. It will get you through no matter what the day brings you, such as rugged mountain roads, muddy roads after rain, and potholes with water.

Fitted with a 8580mmAh high-capacity battery, BV6600 aims to offer extremely high performance. Its battery life is almost three times that of iPhone 12 under the same condition according to some test videos on YouTube.

This product has been professionally fully reinforced. It has excellent drop-proof ability and is more sturdy than any other large battery mobile phone. Even you accidentally drop it from your hand or your pocket to the surface of a hard object such as a rock, it can still work normally and will hardly suffer any obvious damage.

Coming with IP68 & IP69K waterproof rating, BV6600 can effectively withstand rain and even get immersed in shallow waters to make underwater shooting for about 30 minutes. It should be noted that no waterproof mobile phone can be immersed in water for a long time, and it is not suitable for deep water divers.

BV6600 is equipped with a octa-core CPU and 4GB RAM, and runs Android 10 to ensure the fast and stable response. What’s more, 64GB ROM and up to 128GB expandable storage are always enough for your work and entertainment.

For outdoor activities, BV6600’s quad navigation system(GPS & GLONASS & Beidou & Galileo) enables faster and more reliable ambiguity fixing even in street canyons, mountains. And the device’s screen use the Gorilla Glass as the screen protection project.

Other Features:

Multi-function NFC: The user-friendly NFC function allows you to use Google pay, buy public transport tickets and share files with other smartphones.

Fingerprint unlock: Side-mounted fingerprint sensor, easy to reach. Unlock in a wink. No need to input passwords or draw a complicated pattern.

Dual 4G VoLTE: BV6600 supports 4G VoLTE in both slots simultaneously – enjoying faster data transmission, lower power consumption, and more reliable connection.

This product is priced at $169.99 now. And Its frequency band only supports in Europe and Asia.

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  1. BV6600 at quite good price, ultra-large battery rugged smartphone, and running smoothly, use it have been one year.

  2. Hey, guys, A70 is also quite good, my classmates use it. It looks so cool! I like this 4G smartphone

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