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As one of the best Chinese smartphones brand, Blackview phones come with different features, some are better on battery life, some are better on drop proof, some are better on cameras, and some are better on gaming, etc. So, if you are looking for the best Blackview smartphone, here will list all the best phones with different features for checking out, the answer is coming soon.

Blackview launched some new phones in 2021, including the best gaming rugged smartphone BL5000 — the global first rugged Android smartphone for gaming, and the best photo shooting normal Android smartphone A100. They are the 2021 best worth to buy smartphones from Blackview brand.

Below are list all the best worth to buy Blackview unlocked phones which launched in 2022 and 2021, and before 2021:

The best Blackview phones launched in 2021 & 2022

Tips: The models below are come with limited time discount code.

  • BV7100
  • BL8800 Pro 5G
  • Blackview BV8800
  • Blackview BL5000
  • Blackview A100
  • BV6600 Pro

Blackview BV7100

13000 mAh Monster battery king with fast charging.

BV7100 was launched at Sep. 2022, it is an Android 12 rugged smartphone with ultra-long battery life, throw in a 13000 mAh massive battery, combine 33W fast charge technology, provide faster speed to fully charge the device.

With higher military MIL-STD-810H certified and IP68 & IP69K waterproof rating, BV7100 is tougher than any other big battery smartphone in the market. In terms of performance, equipped with MTK Helio G85 Octa-core processors plus 6GB LPDDR4X RAM memory(its RAM expansion technology support expand RAM from 6GB to 10GB), provides smooth experience. What’s more, BV7100 has a very reasonable price in the market, for big battery lovers, it is worth the money.

  • Buy BV7100 in Blackview AliExpress store: Click here.
  • Buy BV7100 in Blackview global online store: Click here.
Blackview BL8800 vs Cat S62 Pro vs Samsung

BL8800 Pro

Global first toughest 5G thermal camera 90Hz rugged phone.

It is the toughest and the best battery life phone equipped with FLIR thermal camera, with MIL-STD-810H military grade certified, makes it tougher. The new features of BL8800 series we have to mention is, it comes with a Glove Mode – slip the screen without take off your glove in the cold weather.

The Glove Mode allows you to click and slide on the screen as responsive as like when with bare hands by increasing screen touch sensitivity.

Here is the BL8800 series battery test review.

BL8800 Pro world premiere on May 23, 2022.

  • Buy BL8800 Pro in Blackview global store: Click here ($20 Discount code: BVZW20 Expired on Jun. 5)

Blackview BV8800

90Hz Display – 50.0 MP Camera – Night Vision – 8380 mAh/33W

Launched on Jan., 2022. This new phone has surprised us since the first time we touch it. There are at least seven big highlights worth to mention, and we think it is one of the best value rugged smartphones while compared to other brands.

First, it comes with a very cool body, the highly technological sense design and beautiful lines complement each other. Secondly, Blackview BV8800 equipped with an IR night vision camera, what’s it for? You can use it as a hidden camera detector, to discover the hidden cameras while you stay in a hotel or go to the public toilet. This is a very practical feature!

Third, this phone equipped with 90Hz high refresh rate, it will not produce dizziness sense when swiping the screen to browse information like a smartphone with a low refresh rate. And the other four highlights are: equipped with 50.0MP main rear camera, 8380 mAh ultra-big battery, 33W fast-charging, and 365g weight. More features like MediaTek highest 4G chip Helio G96, LPDDR4X 8GB RAM and 128GB UFS 2.1 ROM, NFC, MIL-STD-810H military grade certified.

  • Buy BV8800 in Blackview global store: Click here ($15 Discount code: BVZW15 Expired on Jun. 5)

Blackview BL5000

The global first and the best rugged waterproof gaming smartphone

Features: Playing games, emotion venting, photo shooting(including underwater shooting), dual 5G

The Blackview BL5000 is mainly used for playing games and come with strong drop proof ability, you do not need to worry about the device can’t work since it drop into the floor, it’s the best gaming device for emotion venting. If you are looking for a rugged device that can play big games, the Blackview BL5000 is your first option. And the price is not over than 300 dollars.

The device comes with 4980 mAh big battery and 30W fast charging, get 61% power since charging half an hour. Charging five minutes, you can make two hours phone call. It also comes with MIL-STD-810G certified and IP68 & IP69K waterproof, you can take photos under the water in your home swimming pool.

  • Buy BL5000 on Blackview official store: Click here ($20 Discount code: BVZW20 Expired on Jun. 5)
  • BL5000 on Blackview aliexpress store: Click here
Blackview A100 unboxing

Blackview A100

The best selfie and fast shooting smartphone of Blackview

Features: Blackview 2021 flagship smartphone of A series, Take photos, selfie, light & thin

This phone configures with the same rear camera — SONY IMX362 1.4 um big pixel — with Apple, you can take a very clear photo in the daytime, and take a good bright selfie photo in the night. Here is the comparison of Blackview A100 and Redmi 10X for reading. More important is, the A100 comes with the best cheap price among all the smartphones which in the same level, absolute value for money.

The device comes with Android 11 OS and light & thin body, and a fashion & good look outward, you will be the brightly star since you are walking on the street.

  • Buy A100 on Blackview official store: Click here ($10 Discount code: BVZW10 Expired on Jun. 5)
  • A100 on Blackview aliexpress store: Click here
BV6600 Pro

BV6600 Pro

The global cheapest thermal imaging smartphone

Features: FLIR thermal imaging smartphone, big battery, MIL-STD-810G certified

The BV6600 Pro configure with 8580 mAh ultra-big battery and FLIR thermal imaging camera, IP68 & IP69K water-resistant and MIL-STD-810G military grade certified, able to calmly deal with the challenges of various harsh environments. It’s the global cheapest rugged smartphone with thermal imaging camera.

Thermal Imaging
Thermal Imaging

Blackview BV6600 Pro was launched on September 11, 2021.

  • buy BV6600 Pro now in their official store. ($15 Discount code: BVZW15 Expired on Jun. 5)

The best Blackview phones launched before 2021

  • BV6600
  • BV4900 Pro
  • BV9900 Pro
  • A70
  • A80 Plus


The best drop-proof big battery smartphone of Blackview

Features: better drop-proof ability, big battery

This phone has a better drop-proof ability than other rugged smartphone, come with MIL-STD-810G certified. The 8580 mAh big battery can offer a long battery life, and you can use it as a power bank to charge another device.

If you are looking for the best rugged outdoor smartphone with best drop proof ability and ultra-big battery, BV6600 is your first option.

BV4900 Pro

The best budget outdoor smartphone of Blackview

Features: best budget 3-proof outdoor smartphone, big battery

Blackview BV4900 Pro comes with 5580 mAh big battery, support reverse charging, it means that it can be used as power bank. Powered with Android 10 and configure with gorilla glass as the device’s screen. More important is, if you are looking for the best budget rugged outdoor smartphone, the Blackview BV4900 Pro will be your first option.

BV9900 Pro

The best thermal camera smartphone of Blackview

Features: fast thermal imaging, good camera

Blackview BV9900 Pro is a thermal imaging camera rugged smartphone with the best configuration. Powered with MediaTek Helio P90 processor, 8GB big RAM and 128GB ROM storage; Come with Sony 48MP rear camera and 16MP front camera, and advanced FLIR camera sensor. Standard configuration: Drop proof, dustproof, IP68 & IP69K water-resistant, MIL-STD-810G military grade certified.

The benefits you will get from these parameters are: This phone is not afraid of falling on a hard rock surface or muddy ground; Even if you open many applications on your phone at the same time, it can respond quickly; You can take many clear photos and good selfie photos on the device; You can quickly locate at night whether there are potential hazards such as the presence of wild animals nearby by using the thermal imaging camera, when you are outdoors.

If you are looking for the best thermal camera smartphone, the Blackview BV9900 Pro is your first option.

In addition, BLACKVIEW also has a lower price thermal imaging smartphone BV9800 Pro, which is stronger than the Cat S61. Below is the comparison video of BV9800 Pro and Cat S61 for watching:

BV9800 Pro vs. Cat S61

Blackview A70

The best budget big battery king

Features: big battery, Android 11, good but cheap

Blackview A70 is the most cost-effective among smartphones of the same level. It can offer longer battery life since it owns 5380 mAh big capacity battery, and offer smooth running thanks to the octa-core 1.6GHz CPU and 3GB DDR4X RAM. Come with 13MP rear camera and 5MP front camera, not outstanding, but acceptable in this price range.

If you are looking for the best budget Android 11 smartphone with big battery, Blackview A70 will be your first option.

Blackview A80 Plus

The best quad camera budget king

Features: quad camera budget king, fashion

Blackview A80 Plus is the most cost-effective among quad camera smartphones of the same level. Configure with 13MP main rear camera and 8MP front camera, and come with a fashion and cool outward. From the analysis of market sales data, it is very popular among the young people.

Other features: 4GB RAM + 64GB ROM, 4680 mAh big battery, support NFC and OTG.

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  1. I bought A70 one year ago, it works well till now, why Blackview phone is so fucking durable?

  2. Really love the a100 slim smartphone, very smooth experience and nice shooting!

  3. Blackview BV9900 Pro is a super cool rugged phone, and its one of the best Christmas gift of mine.

  4. BV8800 is quite a step up from my previous BV6600 Pro. The fingerprint sensor is very responsive. The processors are very fast even while gaming, which looks great on games that support the 90Hz screen refresh rate. The screen has a bezeless design with rounded corners and a top that wraps around the camera lens.

    The night mode is quite vivid and detailed even in the dark, just like in the pictures, making it more useful for aphotic navigation than the FLIR on the BV6600 Pro. Other useful features include a compass, spirit level, microscope, gradiometer, sound meter, and other measuring tools, as well as a physical button on the left side of the phone, a hallmark of Blackview’s phones, that can perform up to three separate functions from a list of many, including launching apps, turning on the flashlight, etc.

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