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In order to let everyone understand the quality of the BLACKVIEW rugged phones more vividly, we compare the CAT phones and the BLACKVIEW phones. The CAT phones are produced by the foundry, and the BLACKVIEW phones are produced by its own factory. In terms of product quality, the two are evenly matched. At the price of products of the same level, buying a CAT phone requires a higher budget. Therefore, the BLACKVIEW phone has a higher cost performance.

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To ask this question means that you have heard about the Blackview brand and interested in it. But also means that you are not so familiar with it, and you don’t know if it is a good brand or not, and try to know more about it like ‘Does it Chinese company?’, ‘Is its cell phone good?’, ‘How is Blackview brand?‘, etc.

As professional China electronics fine goods Hunter, we’ve helped you to do the investigations, and we found that the Blackview company is the nice one which in our hunt areas. And today we will show you more details about Blackview.

Blackview Phone

Is Blackview Phone Good?

  • Ruggedized Phones

  • Blackview is well-known by it’s tough phone, be focused by those people who works in special industry, outdoor-sports lovers, and tough phone lovers. Blackview phones are tested strictly before they are launched, buyers will get a good quality device as the product reached to their hands.

    Blackview phones’ OS are configured with Android 10 or Android 11 version, and they are unlocked, and many items own super high-capacity battery such as BV9100.

    Blackview rugged smartphone series (also named as BV and BL series) are configued with IP68 & IP69 waterproof grade and MIL-STD-810H or MIL-STD-810G military standard certified, and use the gorilla glass as the devices’ screen, very suitable for those people who works in special industry, underwater shooting lover, and outdoor sports lover. Most of all Blackview phones are durable and running-stable, no matter you want a gaming phone, good camera phone, high-capacity( battery/storage) phone, 5G phone, or fast-charging phone, Blackview will offers you a satisfied and worth the money device.

  • Normal Smartphones

  • Blackview normal smartphones is named as A series. The A series smartphones are mainly in the low-end market, consumers mainly come from those with low budgets, and provide low prices on the premise that the machine runs well. Among them, the worth to buy representative models are A70, A80 Plus, etc.

    In addition, this company launched mid-range phones A90 and A100 this year, and the A100 is the A series flagship smartphone in 2021. Interestingly, the A100 is better than Xiaomi’s mid-range phone Redmi 10X in terms of shooting. You can read this post — The best affordable 4G phone in 2021: Blackview A100 vs. Redmi 10X — to learn more.

    Also, by doing research, Blackview phones are cheap but good phones, most of them are between 100 to 450 dollars. If you are planning to buy Blackview products, here is the limited time Blackview coupon code list.

    Are Blackview Phones Unlocked?

    Blackview offers 4G and 5G smartphones, and all Blackview cell phones are unlocked. That means the cell phone didn’t binds with any set menu. You can start your phone plan any time as you like.

    Tips: 5G phone support both 3G 4G network and 5G network, and you can use 5g network where it covers. You should check out if the Blackview 5G phones’ frequency band support the 5G band of the local operator.

    Reported by CNBgear, and we aim to help you find out the best manufacturers and suppliers, and show you the correct links to buy fine-goods at cheapest price online.

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    1. i’ll include as well that ive had MY blackview for 13 months… so yes the 1 year warranty is done… as is the equipped charging port… that’s seemingly deteriorated beyond the point of functionning… and after dropping it twice the screen is cracked… it DID manage to handle ONE SINGLE waist high drop without breaking… however since the phone weighs as much as a 1992 toyota tercel… any armoring the DID attempt is simply underequipped for the tonnage it must manage… if only the makers had studied Isaac Newton and learned about inertia… and force… by quadrupling the weight they’ve effectively rendered their attempts at armor obsolete…

      1. We also met the similar issue of screen broken by doing drop-test, we tested such as Blackview, Cat, Oukitel, Crosscall, etc. And found a rugged phone screen can break when dropped due to factors such as the force of impact, the landing-point and the type of surface it lands on. If the phone drops on a hard flat surface, such as concrete or asphalt, or a soft surface like grass or carpet, the screen won’t crack generally. If the phone drops on an irregular hard surface such as sharp stone and rock, this includes at least two situations: If the landing point is the phone body, the screen won’t crack generally; If the landing point is the screen, the screen is easy to break.

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