Pakite BIN-810 provides you 4K video long distance wireless transmission

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Home entertainment is one of the most important family lives. The best way to resolve the problem of such as “How to connect a PC to a TV wirelessly“, and “How to Convert Wired Projectors to Wireless“, as well as “How to convert cable TV to wireless” is by using the wireless audio and video extender (what is it?). PAKITE is such a brand focus on developing this type of electronics.

Pakite BIN-810 HD Extender
Pakite BIN-810 HDMI Extender

With the development of signal transmission technology, HDMI has been appeared in many devices like notebook computer, television, projector and more, people will enjoy Full HD videos at home. To transmit a video signal from one TV to another room‘s TV wirelessly, we need the HDMI extender. Pakite BIN-810 was born for this, this HD extender features long distance stable transmission, auto paring, support 4K/1080P video transmission, support 3D visual, compatible with kinds of playback devices and more, it is the rare fine-goods in the market. So, let’s take you to meet Pakite BIN-810 HDMI extender.

Pakite BIN-810 HDMI extender includes an HDMI transmitter and an HDMI receiver. The transmitter is used to connect the signal sources like TV box, Blu-ray, computer and more, and the receiver is used to connect the signal receive devices like TV, projector, and monitor. Different with the design of traditional extender, BIN-810 hides the antenna into the body, makes it looks more stylish and cool.

Pakite Bin-810
* PAKITE Bin-810

The transmit distance and stability is one of the most important factors to judge the performance of HD extender. Pakite BIN-810 HDMI extender supports up to 30 meters wireless transmission and keep stable signal, break through the limitation of distance and space (it can easily wirelessly transmit TV signal room to room), wireless transmission signals cover a variety of environment.

In terms of picture transmission. Pakite BIN-810 support 4K/1080P Full HD video transmit, via our testing experience, it allows you to enjoy ultra-clear picture on the TV within 75 inches. Besides, you are able to enjoy shocked 3D visual effect, letting you immerse into shocked theater experience.

In terms of compatible devices.The compatible HDMI devices to connect the transmitter include, computer, PS4, Xbox, STB, TV box, DVD, Blu-ray, monitoring device and more. The compatible HDMI devices to connect the receiver include, TV, monitor, security camera, projector and more.

At the end, the packing accessories include: Package box, a Transmitter (with TX label), a Receiver (with RX label), Manual, a 20 cm HDMI cable, a 100 cm HDMI cable, a 50 cm USB to DC cable, a 100 cm USB to DC cable.

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