New Leakage: Blackview BV7200 might be 2022 Most Rugged Device Ever Will Release

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Nowadays, as more and more people pursue outdoor adventures like diving, parachuting or climbing for spiritual healing in nature, the demand for an up-a-notch rugged phone that could respond to the needs of more extreme usage in various extreme scenarios witnesses significant growth.

Blackview BV7200

To meet those needs, Blackview – one of top outdoor smartphone brands, a professional rugged phone enterprise always committed to producing tough devices that can survive challenging environments, is expected to launch its invincibly crafted Blackview BV7200 on Nov.1st to offer the most rugged outdoor enjoyment in extreme scenarios without any worries and allow adventurers to enjoy more relaxing interaction with nature.

So, how about this new Blackview phone? Following CNBgear to have a look.

The Toughest Military Grade

It is said that BV7200 features the highest military MIL-STD-810H standard protection – drop proof height up to 1.8 meters. Whether you are exploring in polar space or desert, going for a jungle adventure with BV7200 or dropping it from a height of 1.8 m or running over it with big vehicles, it is still intact and powerful. Whether for hiking, mountain climbing, or taking it to construction sites, BV7200 will survive extreme challenges and proves to be a reliable partner for both adventure and work.

Excellent Waterproof Rating and Solid Structure Design

Featured with IP68 & IP69K IP rating, perfectly matched with double-shot molding TPU soft rubber and designed with a side aluminum alloy frame. Solid structure from the exterior to the interior makes it a qualified warrior to resist extreme damage. Whether you go for a hike in a steep and unknown mountain, go exploring in a muddy jungle far away from town or work on a construction site and drop your phone hundreds of times during work, BV7200 is able to have survived.

Responsive Glove Mode

Blackview BV7200 is said to adopt responsive Glove Mode with which the phone is capable of responding to various gloves-on conditions. Whether you are wearing cotton gloves, non-slip gloves or welding gloves in the construction sites or workplaces, BV7200 allows you to use it without having to take your gloves off. If so, it will be another good low budget substitute of Samsung XCover Pro.

Blackview BV7200 Glove Mode

Real-time Indicator Light Design

Blackview BV7200 is expected to be shipped with a back indicator for real time notifying, relieving all your concern and answering all your expectations at your glimpse. No need to unlock your screen to know whether you have just got a notification or call, as the indicator light will tell you all.

50.0MP Main Camera + Macro 8MP Rear Camera

In an effort to provide clearer picture quality for every outdoor sports enthusiast who loves photography, Blackview BV7200 adopts a Samsung ISOCELL JN1 50.0MP camera for its main camera. What’s of note is that BV7200 will come with an 8MP rear ultra-macro lens that makes up-close shooting of tiny objects easier than ever. Taking a zingy picture of the capillaries of leaves or observing the spotted back of a ladybug via BV7200 could now be achieved with upgraded clarity and true-to-life colors.

Write at the end

This shockproof phone is expected to launch on Nov.1, and is expected to be a budget rugged phone that worth to expect.

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