Apple Upcoming Phone iPhone 13 Pro Max rear three cameras have been doubled, and the 120Hz screen feels superb

The iPhone 13 Pro Max is upcoming, as one of the best phones of 2021, what will this smartphone bring to us? What new features does it have compared to the published phones? Let’s dive in.

Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max
Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max

2x Pixel Improvement-rare

News from Apple’s supply chain side is that in the iPhone 13 series of mobile phones that will be brought by Apple’s autumn conference, the top configuration of the iPhone13 Pro Max rear-mounted triple-camera lens has increased by 2 times, which is rare in history.

We know that in the past, according to Apple’s habits, the speed of improving device configuration parameters will not be very fast, but will be gradual, not to mention a 2 times speed increase at once.

Apple’s last-generation flagship mobile phone iPhone12 Pro Max has three rear cameras: ultra-wide-angle lens, wide-angle lens and telephoto lens. The pixels are all 12MP or 12MP. It is reported that the iPhone13 Pro Max has been upgraded to 24MP this time, which is a 2x increase in pixels. Rare in history.

Is Expected to Achieve 8K Video Recording

The current iPhone12 Pro Max’s achievable video shooting levels with three rear cameras include: Dolby Vision HDR video shooting, up to 60 fps; and 720p HD video shooting and 1080p HD video shooting.

The highest shooting level that can be achieved is 4K video shooting at 60 fps, and there is no 8K video shooting and recording capability. The supply chain side claims that the iPhone13 Pro Max can achieve high-quality video recording at 8K 60 fps.

Assemblers saw the shooting effects during assembly and debugging were amazing and clear. It can be seen that the iPhone 13 Pro Max has made another breakthrough in imaging capabilities. It is estimated that this time it will focus on the film-level shooting experience.

120Hz High Refresh Rate Large Screen

The real hammer confirmed that the iPhone 13 series screen will support a high refresh rate of 120Hz, which is predicted to be supported by all systems, because there has been no inconsistent screen parameter configuration on a series of multiple models of Apple mobile phones, except for the screen size.

But there is also news that considering the difference in selling price and cost, Apple will not support the high refresh rate of 120Hz on the low-end models of the iPhone 13 series, because it is restricted by the selling price.

It is certain that the large screen of the flagship iPhone13 Pro Max will definitely support a high refresh rate of 120Hz. The news from the supply chain said that the high refresh rate of 120Hz is flowing on the large screen of iPhone13 Pro Max, which is extremely smooth, and the screen operation experience is definitely the best in history.

Among the digital topics, the subtle comments are here:

Editor’s comment: In this way, the iPhone13 Pro Max has really improved a lot. I don’t know what the price will be. It is not low. It’s also worth mentioning that Apple’s top-notch superb performance configuration is generally the best on super-large flagship phones, and it can also perform well, so this is also the iPhone13 Pro Max that many people like. For the reason, interested friends can continue to pay attention and look forward to it!

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