Apple iOS 17/iPadOS 17 to Enhance Health App with Mood Tracking and More

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Apple iOS 17

Apple is reportedly planning to introduce several new health-related features in iOS 17 and iPadOS 17, including a new mood tracking feature, expanded vision management tools, and health-focused features for its upcoming AR/VR headset.

According to Bloomberg News reporter Mark Gurman, the new mood tracking feature in iOS 17 will allow users to track their mood over time, answer questions about their day, and view the results. The feature is still under development, but it could eventually use algorithms to determine a user’s mood based on their speech patterns, typing, and other data.

In addition to the new mood tracking feature, iOS 17 is also expected to include expanded vision management tools. These tools will help users track their vision health over time and manage conditions like myopia.

It is reported that the launch of the health application on the iPad will provide users with more screen space to view health indicators, EKG results, prescriptions, doctor’s laboratory tests and so on.

Gurman also reports that Apple is considering separating the mood-tracking feature of the Health app in iOS 17 from the Diary app that was revealed last week. According to Gurman, the Diary app will not be a health feature, but as a “Find My” service and other location functions. Extensions, because Apple wants to expand the “Find My” social networking functionality.

Finally, Gurman reports that Apple’s upcoming AR/VR headset will include health-focused features. These features could include a meditation app that guides users through calming meditations, or a fitness app that tracks users’ progress as they exercise in the virtual world.

Apple has not yet announced any of these features, but they are all expected to be part of iOS 17 and iPadOS 17, which are expected to be released in September 2023.


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