Cook’s first response to the iPhone 13: It’s going to solve more problems than the iPhone 12

After the release of Apple’s iPhone 12, many netizens thought little had changed and joked that “it’s still waiting for the 13th Xiang (iPhone 13).” So how much better is the iPhone 13 cashing back than the iPhone 12?


At the 2021 Vivatech conference in Paris, France, Apple CEO Tim Cook said the iPhone 13 is better than the iPhone 12 and helps people solve more problems. ‘Apple is trying to make the best products to enrich people’s lives, and they do only a few things, and the iPhone is just one of those things, ‘ he says.

At the summit, Cook also said that in the future, production of new iPhones will no longer consume the earth’s resources, will rely on renewable resources to make. Apple is already a carbon medium and a company, he says, and it did so a few years ago. What is needed now is to further expand people’s understanding of carbon neutrality and hope to achieve carbon neutralization of the entire chain from supply to user by 2030.

To achieve this vision, Apple will use 100% renewable resources in the future and is now affecting suppliers’ full use of renewable resources. Happily, more than a hundred suppliers have now committed to doing so, which is like stirring up a ripple in a pond, and the impact will grow.

Also, when the host mentioned GAFA (Google’s Facebook Amazon), Cook said he didn’t like the idea that the four companies were different and should be treated differently. He says Apple is making software and hardware, and it’s only doing the best, not the most.

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