Blackview R8 Ladies stylish smartwatch: The women custom Android fitness fashion smartwatch

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Are you looking for the best budget fashion smartwatch, and buy it directly from the best China electronics source? Then you are in the right place.

Blackview launched a new women custom model Blackview R8 within $50 USD, at Mar. 2022. If you are looking for the best rare gift for your girlfriend, daughter, sister, mother, or other female, and without enough budget, then you shouldn’t miss the Blackview R8.

Blackview R8

Product type: Digital Android smartwatch, fitness sports tracker.
Product features: Fashionable and light, long battery life, IP68 waterproof, Blood Oxygen Monitoring, Heart Rate Monitoring, etc.

Blackview R8 support up to 23 Languages include English, Korean, German, Russian, French, Italian, Spanish, etc. Cover basically all regions of the world, meets the needs of most people.

Adopting finger-printer-resistant design. Equipped with IP68 water-resistant grade and up to 25 workout modes like outdoor running, yoga, and tennis, etc., as well as long-lasting battery life to ensure the smartwatch lasts longer and has great resistance from finger printer, water, sweat, and rain.

With trendy and 23g light design, plus zinc alloy case and 1.09-inch Asahi Glass display, as well as the sophisticated pleat-like pattern on the circular case, provides drop-resistant and crack-resistant, and elegant characteristic.

Your good healthy assistant

With VC32 sensor, if you are having a headache or feeling dizzy, your SpO2 or blood oxygen saturation might be low, VC32 sensor helps you instantly know your blood molecules deeper even in low temperature in 24 hours. With heart rate monitoring and audio breathing guide, Blackview R8 turns your every heartbeat into an easy-to-understand graphic, and helps you adjust your breathing rhythm into a better state

Besides, Blackview R8 smartwatch has prepared reminds for female’s special days like Menstruation cycle, Ovulation period, Safety period, Pregnancy. As detailed as you can imagine, it is as detailed.

More features are waiting for you to experience.

This is a good and rate gift for female, and R8 is the best option for those have limited budget.

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