Japanese BALMUDA’s Smartphone Business axed After Just One Year

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Japanese home appliance brand BALMUDA has announced that it will be ending its mobile phone business. The company released its first smartphone, the BALMUDA Phone, in November 2021. However, the phone was met with mixed reviews and failed to achieve commercial success.

In a statement, BALMUDA said that it had decided to end its mobile phone business due to “a number of factors, including the high cost of development and the competitive smartphone market.” The company said that it would continue to focus on its core business of home appliances.

The BALMUDA Phone was a unique device that featured a square design and a physical keyboard. However, it was also criticized for its high price tag and its lack of features. The phone was priced at ¥99,800 (around $850), which was significantly more expensive than other smartphones on the market.

The BALMUDA Phone’s failure is a reminder of the challenges that face new entrants to the smartphone market. The market is dominated by a few major players, such as Apple and Samsung, who have significant resources and economies of scale. It is difficult for new companies to compete with these established players, especially when they are offering unique devices that may not appeal to the mass market.

The end of BALMUDA’s mobile phone business is a setback for the company, but it is not a fatal blow. The company remains a major player in the home appliance market, and it is likely to continue to be successful in this area.

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