PAKITE PAT-635 provides you with a more stable and smooth audio-visual experience

In 2021, the new coronavirus epidemic is still raging around the world, putting a heavy gloom on the world. Governments of various countries have urged residents to stay at home as much as possible to reduce unnecessary outings. Even if you have been vaccinated, you must do a good job of protection: wear a mask, wash your hands frequently, pay attention to room ventilation, etc.

Many residents have increased the number of stays at home more than ever, and the abundance of entertainment has naturally declined sharply.

Television, a tool that didn’t seem so important in the past, suddenly became our main medium for entertainment and stress relief. Enjoying a piece of tranquility in panic will leave us with a good memory in the future.

The TV broadcast program must be connected to the set-top box before the signal can be received. Since the set-top box needs to be connected with wires, and a set-top box can only be connected to one TV, if there are TVs in multiple bedrooms or living rooms, it will involve very complicated wiring works, that will also greatly affect the beauty of the room.

So is there a solution that can save the budget and realize the wireless transmission of TV signals? It can be achieved by using a wireless audio and video transmission equipment called wireless av sender (also named av extender, video extender, etc).


5.8GHz, to provide you with a more stable and smooth audio-visual experience

PAKITE PAT-635 wireless av sender

At present, the various set-top boxes on the market transmit audio and video interfaces into two categories, one is the RCA interface, which is a traditional interface; the other is the HDMI interface, which is used to transmit high-definition video.

PAT-635 is a wireless av extender with traditional RCA interface. It adopts 5.8GHz wireless transmission frequency and has higher anti-interference ability and data transmission stability. This is because most devices such as mobile phones and tablet computers use 2.4GHz radio frequency. The same frequency band will produce certain signal interference with each other, thereby affecting the stability of transmission.

PAT-635 supports video image output with the highest resolution of 720×480P. For TVs within 26 inches, you can see clear images; in an open and unobstructed space, it can reach a wireless transmission distance of 200 meters. When there are obstacles such as walls, the transmission distance will also be reduced, but it can satisfy general household use.

If your device supports HDMI connection, you can consider using PAKITE brand PAT-590 HDMI Sender, so you can enjoy 1080P high-definition video.

In addition to connecting to a TV, you can also connect to other devices for wireless audio and video transmission. For example, general households will install anti-theft cameras. Using av sender, you can save the trouble of arranging wires and easily realize wireless transmission of audio and video signals.

If you have multiple TVs in your home, and you are worrying about the cost of set-top box and complicated wiring, then you can consider buying av sender to help you share a set-top box with multiple TVs wirelessly.

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  1. Budget wireless av sender, cheap gadget that I suggest to buy. I have three sets 635 in my home.

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