Xiaomi Mi MIX 5 Review

Xiaomi Mi MIX 4 uses a brand new under-screen camera design, so the screen looks very complete because there are no openings. However, Mi MIX4 has not completely solved the difficulty of the camera under the screen, that is, the screen resolution can only be maintained at the level of 1080P. So can Xiaomi MIX5 completely solve the difficulties of the under-screen camera of Xiaomi Mi MIX 4?

Mi MIX 5


As the newly designed Xiaomi Mi MIX5, the design of the under-screen camera will be retained, so Mi MIX5 will still adopt a full-screen design, and there is still no perforation on the screen.

However, what is expected is that Mi MIX5 will increase the screen resolution to 2K level, because Mi MIX5 has completely solved the screen window effect of the camera under the screen, so the screen resolution can be improved, and the camera under the screen will be upgraded to With 32 Megapixels, the overall camera capability is relatively powerful.

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Screen material

The screen material of Mi MIX5 will be designed with a material design similar to super ceramic crystals, which has good drop resistance and scratch resistance, and the fingerprint recognition and unlocking under the screen is equipped with ultrasonic technology, so even in the state of wet hands, it is still Can identify fingerprints well. The screen refresh rate of Mi MIX5 will reach 144 Hz, and the touch sampling rate will reach 480 Hz.

Body material

The body material of the Mi MIX 5 will be made of the third-generation ceramic material, and the weight will be thinner and stronger. In addition, the lens module of Mi MIX5 is completely different from Mi MIX4, this time Mi MIX5 has created a brand new design style.

The camera module of the Mi MIX5 has become very large, accommodating a 2-inch secondary screen and four cameras at the same time. One of the main lenses has a large size and the other three lenses have a smaller size.


The rear lens of Mi MIX5 is equipped with a liquid main camera with 200 Megapixels, and the sensor size is 1 inch. The other three rear lenses of the Mi MIX5 are a 40-megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera, a 13-megapixel image camera, and a 64-megapixel telephoto camera.

The overall camera capability is still very powerful. However, the blessing of the 2-inch secondary screen gives Mi MIX5 another choice for selfies. Whether it is the under-screen camera or the camera module on the back of the fuselage, a variety of selfie methods make Mi MIX5 more playable.


As the new flagship model of Xiaomi mobile phone, Mi MIX5 will be equipped with Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 895 processor. This processor is manufactured with a 4nm process. The performance and power consumption are very good, so the performance of Mi MIX5 is complete. no need to worry.

In addition, the battery capacity of Xiaomi MIX5 has reached 5500 mAh due to the blessing of graphene batteries. At the same time, the wired fast charging specification is still 120W, the wireless charging specification is upgraded to 100W, and the reverse wireless charging specification reaches 50W.

Since the appearance of the secondary screen of Xiaomi 11Ultra, consumers have fully accepted this dual-screen design, and they have also seen that the design of Xiaomi MIX5 has always carried the design elements of Xiaomi mobile phones.

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