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Dear friends welcome to this Topic where I want to tell you about my experience with the Blackview TAB 9 Tablet which I consider the best Tablet that you can buy with 120 € (taking it directly from Asian warehouses)
Below You find a complete and detailed review on my youtube channel

Tab 9 Reviews: package contents

• Mains power supply with European socket and 5V / 2.0A (10W) output
• USB Type-C charging and data transfer cable
• Clip for removing the SIM tray
• Multilingual user manual: Italian is also present even if the translation is not always flawless
• Case really well done
• Protective film already applied (badly) has some bubbles
• Cable from usb c to usb standard size useful if we want to connect a pendrive
• 3.5 mm in-ear headphones… .really very satisfied

Blackview Tab 9 unboxing
Blackview Tab 9 unboxing
Blackview Tab 9 unboxing
Blackview Tab 9 unboxing

Tab 9 Reviews: Materials and design

The construction of the device characterized by a high quality rear metal structure, the plastic is in the front but it is certainly not the predominant element for the protection of the there are not many notions so I contacted the manufacturer that I provided this information.

The touch panel of the Blackview latest tablet Tab 9 is equipped with an Innolux Display on which drop tests have been carried out with a steel ball that impacts on the glass both on the corners and on the central part. The test is repeated only once and the steel ball weighs 130g and its diameter is 32mm.

Drop height: G + G and 10 cm or 16 cm depending on the point where it impacts

Personally, I don’t expect anything exceptional but that’s my opinion. The tab 8 whose review I leave you below

it has not shown itself very resistant on this point fortunately there is the case that mitigates the problem a little

Tab 9 Reviews: Display

The display that offers a 10.1 panel of IPS type with Full HD resolution (1980 x 1200 pixels) in 16:10 format 260 nit of brightness and contrast 1000: 1 is a screen that I particularly like, it can be seen well and the colors are bright enough for internal use it is fine to remember that every evaluation I express is always related to the purchase price and the range in which it is inserted unfortunately and, I tell you right away, a bit like all Asian devices it does not have Google Widewine certifications It goes without saying that blacks are not absolute black but rather a dark gray but not being an amoled screen it was to be expected.

we do not have the fingerprint sensor but the one for facial recognition is not always perfect but it will avoid us in optimal light conditions from inserting the dear and old pin.

The plastic scratch protection film is not oleophobic and after a while the screen will be full of fingerprints.
The brightness is good for internal use, outside it is really hard, then unfortunately it is not automatic and we would have to manually adjust it from time to time here sincerely we could do more But these are all things that lose to this Blackview given the purchase price

Tab 9 Reviews: Connectivity- Storage-Processor

As for connectivity we have a 4g module that supports the 20 band much used in Italy Bluetooth 5.0 and GPS / AGPS BeiDou radio fm that needs earphones to work.

On such a large device this thing could have been remedied even if the earphones, which will then act as an antenna, are included in the equipment. All completed by an octa core UMS512 T610 processor with a maximum clock of 1.8 GHz and 4 gigabytes of ram 64 eMMC 5.1 and android 10 rom type. many situations certainly does not make us regret more expensive devices.

The advice I give you, however, is not to install too many apps, weighing down the memory as it is not exactly very fast, in this regard I would sincerely abolish the use of the very bad and very dated emmc 5.1 memories for the prerogative of more performing but still economic ufs 2.1 which, in my opinion, should be the basis for the devices of this Battery range

Not bad also the autonomy of this tab 9 that you can comfortably get 7 hours of screen. To give you an idea, one hour of full hd video playback with brightness and audio the max consumes the average battery, which we remember is from 7480 Mha, about 12%. Even if evaluating the autonomy of such a device is quite complicated, a tablet does not have an intensive use like a smartphone on average.

but I must be honest I am satisfied with the autonomy; of the recharge instead no, not even a little in fact is not exactly lightning-fast. we have an increase of 15% every 30 minutes. for a full recharge it takes more than 3 hours. The power supply is 10w and is the maximum that the tablet supports. All my attempts to use chargers with higher wattage have not brought any benefits….

Dear Blackview, did an 18w charge cost you that much? 1 hour of charging to have 30% of battery with the power supply that heats up and not a little frankly they do not seem the max to me you need to do more in this field

Tab 9 Review: Software On

The software side we have Android 10 with an interface that the Chinese company defines Doke os 1.0 already seen in the A70 whose review I leave you below

There are improvements and refinements compared to android stock that I appreciate how to change the icons that make everything more modern,
unlocking with the face and many other small tricks denote attention from the company, we are always remembering you talking about a device that you purchased directly from Asian warehouses costs between 120 and 130 €

As I appreciate the translation too, I didn’t find fancy terms like in the a70 which translated the water mark camera watermark logo
The security patches are from November and I don’t expect it to get any major updates in the future. During my test the tablet behaved well and I received a system firmware update that bears the date of April .. not bad !!! Updates are a bit of the Achilles’ heel of these devices which, once placed on the market from this point of view, are somewhat left to themselves. Even an update every 3 months for 2 years could argue Blackview on this need to improve

Tab 9 Reviews: Cameras

The Tab 9 has a 5 mpx front camera that is more than satisfactory for a family video call or for distance learning even if by now I think this mode is really winding down.

while the rear one is 13 mpx nothing very clear, it has a flash but it is nothing powerful and to take a picture that can remotely be defined as decent you need to have optimal lighting conditions. There is no point in talking about those with low light conditions I’d just be bad and this device doesn’t deserve it. Although the improvement over the predecessor is evident

You can activate the countdown, enable the grid and activate or deactivate hdr which is present on both cameras and set the flash and change the format from 16: 9 to 4: 3 stops there are no other functions and it is right so because would have been useless It is possible to record videos with a maximum resolution of 1080 p for the rear camera and 720 p for the front one, present and very welcome, the Audio video stabilizer.

The sound is good even if the volume is not very high indeed, in addition it is lacking in bass, high frequencies are preferred, if we want something more accurate we can always use headphones(here is guides of the 2021 Top 5 Best high-end noise-cancelling TWS earbuds for reading) which are necessary especially in open and noisy environments. Honestly, instead of thinking of a bigger battery which, for heaven’s sake I like, we could intervene on the most lacking points such as the audio when we use it in landscape mode so in 16:10 we will find the speakers below and we will not muffle the audio with our hands

PRO -Low price
and rich equipment
-Good quality display for internal use given the cost
-Good general construction
-Improved compared to its predecessor

– Absence of widewine certifications – Security
patches not updated –
Charges only at 10w –
Little usable outdoors

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