Blackview AceBook 1 Performance Review: 2021 Most Budget Office Partner

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Last week I got a laptop from the brand Blackview named Acebook 1, and I heard it as the expert and leader in Outdoor Rugged Smartphone. All its products are subject to strict standards and iterative testing processes. Acebook1 is their first notebook, and I wrote this article after used it for one week.

If you didn’t have high requirements for playing computer games, designing or programming, and just demanding a laptop to watch videos or process light office software. I would recommend Blackview Acebook1 definitely, which packs speedy performance and big screen display into an incredibly slim and lightweight design with long battery life.

AceBook 1 Specs

Delicate & Classic Appearance, Suitable in Working Condition

The appearance of the Blackview Acebook 1 appeals to me deeply. High-class Aluminum alloy represents it as classic silver-gray, with every part of the body precisely crafted and smoothly, which is suitable ideally in working conditions. Besides, because the notebook is made of aluminum alloy, it can resist scratches and leave no fingerprints on its surface. Because the Acebook1 came from a three-proof company, it’s sturdy enough and drop-resistant.

Light Weight & Big Battery, Portable Everywhere

The laptop with 1.3kg weight and 16.3 mm thickness lets you bring it to the cafe or office decently and conveniently. Use in combination with its 6000 mAh big battery, enabling you to use it for a whole day, solved your issues with forgetting to bring chargers or facing a power outage during the conference. In addition, it’s portable, and lightweight enables you to get it to conferences or meetings, solve your issues with forgetting to bring charges because the battery life insisting a conference time is enough.

14’’ FHD display & Box Speakers, Bring You Cinema Auditory Effects.

Its 14-inch FHD display has a high 85% screen-to-body ratio, which broadens and clarifies your vision during processing documents or watching movies, combining with its Box speakers built on both sides of the keyboard, allows you to use them during presentations and conference video playback in a twenty square meters room instead of using loudspeakers.

Other functions that support office

Blackview Acebook 1 owns the 6.1″ big-size sensitive trackpad, allows you to move fingers promptly to control your app’s operation, improves your working efficiency with no mouse. Let your office documents operation process more accurately and efficiently.

I also tried its WPS software. All documents can be running smoothly with the Intel Gemini Lake N4120 processor and Windows 10 system, efficiently dealing with your office software usage.

Besides, the notebook owns 128GB of SATA storage and can be expandable to 256GB with a TF card, allows you to download massive movies and plenty of files. It brings the whole library with you wherever you go.

Overall, I consider Blackview AceBook 1 an affordable solid, ultra-thin notebook with the best sound quality. Its chip configuration and built-in system are reason enough to deal with office software operation. You can use the laptop with a high-class aluminum alloy surface for a long time, and no need to worry about it being broken or dropped down. I would recommend Blackview Acebook 1 more suitable for companies’ public usage.

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  1. hi i have ace laptop buy need a new keybord do you have one please its 8g ram 512gb 256gb ssdrom with keyboard 1920/1080 my baby spill coffee over it now key board not work had it cleand no good have to use blue/ key b

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