Breakthroughs of Productivity and Entertainment Experience – 5 New Features of the Flagship Tablet Blackview Tab 13 to Expect

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The tablet market is always keeping hot in the world, especially for the best and cheap Chinese tablet. Exposures leaked over the past few weeks have strongly touted the existence and upcoming launch of Blackview’s latest generation of flagship tablet, Blackview Tab 13.

Blackview Tab 13 Android 12

Following the development direction of flagship-grade experience and budget-grade affordability, for Blackview high-end tablets and introducing technological breakthroughs, the best mid-range tablet Blackview Tab 13 is made to turn heads, hitting the new ground on productivity and entertainment performance. Concerning all the revealed specifications, five new features are worth users’ expectations.

5 New Features of the Flagship Tablet Blackview Tab 13

  • TÜV Rheinland Low Blue Light Certified
  • PC Mode
  • RAM Expansion Technology
  • SIMO Internet
  • Android 12

TÜV Rheinland Low Blue Light Certified

Today, we haven’t been too kind to our eyes. From kids to the elderly, we are exposing ourselves to tablets for work, study, or play, such as to attend classes, deliver training, pass deadlines, submit home works, and binge-watch popular episodes.

A long time of exposure to high-energy visible hazardous blue light emitted from the tablet poses a risk of damaging the eyes, causing eye strain, reduced eyesight, or other irreversible harm. Blackview Team focuses much on upgrades of eye safety and comfort of Blackview Tab 13 to reduce eye concerns.

Blackview collaborates with the TÜV Rheinland, the industry-leading German company specializing in certifying compliance with various recognized safety and qualification standards for years. As proved in the tests, the Android tablet flagship Blackview Tab 13 meets the Low Blue Light certification requirements in relevant standards established by TÜV Rheinland.

Blackview Tab 13 is the first-ever Blackview tablet and the best mid-range tablet that obtains the Low Blue Light certification (software solution) to reduce the blue light, help read comfortably in any lighting for a long time, and keep users’ eyes healthy.

PC Mode

PC Mode is another jewel in the crown of Blackview Tab 13’s breakthroughs, redrawing boundaries of the Blackview tablet experience on productivity performance and convenience.

Nowadays, working or studying from home is no more out of reach. Being more affordable, tiny, lightweight, easy to hold, and powerful for most basic tasks, tablets, instead of laptops, are the top go-to choices for many office workers, students, teachers, etc.

However, the thing is, it’s inconvenient to work on a tablet screen, for example, to open more windows and search for files, even with a keyboard and mouse. With Blackview Research & Development Team’s persistent efforts, Blackview Tab 13 introduces the PC Mode to change the game.

By instantly transforming your tablet screen into the familiar laptop-style one, users won’t take any sweat to display multiple windows simultaneously and switch across them for effortless multitasking. For instance, you can write an e-mail, check documents, and read files while responding to messages, just as you would on a laptop.

Furthermore, the PC Mode doesn’t sacrifice the screen-touching capability to elevate your productivity and creativity to a whole new level.

Blackview Tab 13

RAM Expansion to up to 10GB

More GBs of RAM is no general rule of thumb to command performance, but it does in most cases. As apps are getting memory-intensive and users are downloading more apps into their tablets, it’s unavoidable that the tablets, especially the small-RAM ones, slow down and fail to blow through overload multitasking. However, the more the RAM, the higher the pricing, which is a turn-off for budget-conscious buyers to lay their eyes on large-RAM tablets.

Blackview is devoted to killing this dilemma with the RAM Expansion technology, a function that extends the small RAM to large RAM without extra cost. It’s available firstly on Blackview rugged phones and mainstream smartphones, achieving positive feedback from fans, and now comes to the tablet Blackview Tab 13, turning it into a true multitasking beast.

Extending its original 6GB of LPDDR4X RAM to up to 10GB, Blackview Tab 13 effortlessly launches hundreds of popular resource-hungry, large-scale 3D games, like other tablets of 10GB RAM do.

When running more apps simultaneously in the background and switching across different apps for multitasking demands, it’s fast and fluid like never without stuttering or lag.

To help users churn out the best speed and performance out of the tablet, the RAM Expansion of Blackview Tab 13 is open by default at the tested-and-proved GBs number, which is adjustable or disabled for specific needs.

SIMO Internet

Reliably accessing the internet on your tablet away from home is not easy. Poor Wi-Fi connections or no available Wi-Fi is always the thing on the commute, in the hotel, aboard airplanes, or outdoor.

When traveling abroad with tablets, if you insert the SIM card to use the data plan for tablet access, taking time to figure out roaming rules and rates is a must to avoid the high expenses, lack of service, or unexpected charges on your next bill. That is where SIMO Internet comes in.

Blackview has partnered with SIMO, a leading global mobile Wi-Fi provider that has provided mobile connectivity to more than a million customers worldwide over the last ten years. With SIMO Internet, you don’t need a SIM card or Wi-Fi to access the Internet.

SIMO keeps you connected to work, play, and communicate anywhere by automatically switching to the best available local 4G network at an affordable and customizable data plan. One thing to note, while SIMO coverage is available in 135+ countries, the SIMO function on Blackview Tab 13 is temporarily available for consumers registering from EU countries, the U.K., the U.S.A., Mexico, Canada, and Japan.

Doke OS P_3.0 Based on Android 12

There’s a lot to consider in your next tablet. Besides getting into hardware specs, you have to nail down your operating system.

More and more tech giants have taken on the OS development route to compete. An OS that’s pleasing to view, friendly to interact with, and multifunctional to make everything work better undoubtedly comes into the favor of users.

Blackview Tab 13 runs on the Android 12 with Blackview’s Doke OS_P 3.0 interface over the top, the best OS version to date available on the Blackview tablets. It means users can not only get the most out of Doke OS_P 3.0 but enjoy the great extras offered by Android 12, including enhanced privacy protection.

Compared with the Doke OS_P 1.0, 2.0, and 2.1 versions, Doke OS_P 3.0 brings a mass upgrade on all fronts that matter most, such as design, interactiveness, convenience, and smoothness.

From the Versatile Desktop, AI Preloading, Smart Sidebar, and convenient Control Panel to the self-developed note-taking app, it helps to deliver a flagship-level hands-on.


In sum, this is the best value Blackview tablet that worth Blackview fans to expect. Tab 13 early bird promotion on AliExpress, click here to get one(Finish on 2022.8.26).

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