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According to the Blackview laboratory, its upcoming new 5G phone BL8800 and BL8800 Pro has some improved on battery life and charging technology compare to the BV8800. Is it true? And how it exactly performance? Let’s take a look.

According to statistics from authoritative marketing agencies, BV8800 got hot sales in the market, and its 8380 mega battery that always takes no sweat to survive daily demanding tasks, with decent juice left at the end of the day. Therefore, if the BL8800 series performance better, they are the icing on the cake.

And we have reason to believe the BL8800 series will become the best 5G rugged phone. BL8800 series brief from Blackview lab: The 8380 battery features dual electric cores, 720hrs standby, 10hrs of gaming and a 3D copper pipe liquid cooling technology which gives as much as 8.5°C CPU temperature reduction.

To show the truth data, we took this two 5G phones for testing.

Reviews: Charging & Discharging Test at 25°C, 55°C & -20°C

Discharging Test

1. At Room Temperature: 25°C
Scenario: play video for 1 hour
Battery level: 7% ↓
Temperature: 0.8°C ↑

In the first test, we found that an-hour of videos on BL8800 drained the battery level from 92% to 85% with only 0.8 °C of temperature increase thanks to the 3D copper pipe liquid cooling system.

Since videos are often more energy-consuming, only 7% of battery loss in 60 minutes is rather impressive, especially considering BL8800 is a 5G smartphone with 90HZ touch sampling rate. And 0.8°C of heat increase is a jaw-dropping figure, making BL8800 outperform some high-end smartphones advertising graphene cooling systems.

Besides, in real life experiences, 0.8 °C heat increase is so slight that you can barely feel it with your hands. Users should be able to rely on BL8800 for long-lasting video fun or even gaming without the interruption of charging or the discomfort of hot hands.

2. At 25°C Scenario: Play videos with only 10% juice left
Battery life: 73 mins
Temperature: 0.1°C↑

In our second test, we tested how long BL8800 can survive when it is drained with only10% battery left. The smartphone once again surprised us with 73 minutes of duration in the case of video playing with only 0.1°C temperature increase. If you change the scenario to game playing, the figure would only slightly drop to 55 minutes. Such an extreme battery strength would underline the importance of BL8800 in situations like having an emergency call or using navigation in an unfamiliar city while finding nowhere to charge your device.

3. At 25°C Scenario: Use the phone with 100% juice for a day
Battery level : 41% ↓

BL8800 also excels in daily use. We tested the phone for a day of use, including social media and web browsing, chatting apps, tiktok and calls, and it has proved astonishingly enduring with 59% battery left at the end of the day, meaning 2-day of daily use between charges should be fine for moderate users, and even heavy users is likely to use the phone for a whole day without next charge. Outdoor activities like business trips, working or studying in cafes or libraries, camping, hiking, or more excursions is made more pleasant with the company of ultra-lasting BL8800.

4. At 55°C Scenario: play video to drain the battery level from 100% to 0%
Battery life: 12hrs 12 mins
Temperature: 5.7°C ↑

We put the phone in a 55°C scenario and played videos on it, and guess what? It managed to survive for 12hrs and 12 mins, indicating how BL880 is adaptive to extreme weather. Users in regions, like Africa, having high temperatures all year around would find the phone more effective and enduring than its delicate mainstream counterparts.

5. At -20°C Scenario: Play video to drain the battery level from 100% to 0%
Battery life: 8hrs 17 mins
Temperature: 2.9°C ↑

Although the BL8800 battery is not specially designed with low temperature-resistance, nor does it advertise such a feature, we tested BL8800 under -20°C by playing videos on it. The result turned out to be quite surprising with 8hrs and 17 mins duration, enabling BL8800 to give full play in outdoor activities in freezing winters for adventurers, explorers, soldiers and many groups in need.

Charging Test

1. At 25°C Scenario: Charge the battery from 0% to 100% under standby mode
Duration: 90mins
Temperature 2.3 °C ↑

Boasting 33W fast charge, BL8800 power up its battery at lightning-speed. In the charging test, we observed it only took 30 minutes for BL8800 to go from zero to 40% battery life, but note that the process is operated under standby mode.

If we expand the charging time to 60 minutes, BL8800 managed to get 82%, while a full charge will take 90 minutes. That means BL8800 will be fully prepared by the time you finish your morning routine and ready to go to work or school, allowing you to get rid of overnight charge which could potentially cause electrical accidents or do harm to your smartphone.

2. At 25°C Scenario: Charge the battery from 0% to 100% while playing video
Duration: 90 mins
Temperature 12.5 °C ↑

We also put the phone on downloaded videos while juicing it up at the same time and found that the phone need 90 minutes for a full charge. Charging speed seems stable and unaffected by the Wifi/4G/5G-off usage, so playing while charging should not be a problem, especially when you have to reply to work emails while anxious about how much longer you have to wait for the phone to be fully juiced up.

3. At 55°C Scenario: Charge the battery from 0% to 100% under standby mode
Duration: 2 hrs
Temperature: 19.3°C ↑

In a high temperature of 55°C, BL8800 registered almost 2hrs to get a full charge, not impressive though, but it is above average. The temperature of the phone changed between 26.6°C to 45.9°C during charging, and no systematic glitch in use is observed during the change, manifesting the ultra heat-resistance of BL8800. Hence, those who are in regions experiencing extreme high temperatures very often would love how capable BL8800 is to resist heat and survive all demanding environmental challenges both outdoors and indoors.


The overall battery performance of the latest Blackview phone BL8800 and BL8800 Pro are better than envisaged and are all that one could ask for and more. Their outstanding capability to withstand extreme low and high temperatures enables them to hold a candle to high-end rugged phones, let alone delicate mainstream smartphones like iPhone that can’t even survive temperatures under 0°C or over 35°C. The 33W fast charge of BL8800 and BL8800 Pro has also proved effective and quick with charging speed almost verging on those of high-end smartphones.

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