Can you add NFC into a smartphone?


If NFC is important in your smartphone?

Thermal imaging detect body temperature

Can a thermal imaging camera detect your body temperature?

IMEI is blacklisted

What happens if phone IMEI NO. is blocked/blacklisted?

Q3 U.S. smartphone market

Canalys: Q3 U.S. smartphone market shipments were 31 million units, a year-on-year decrease of 5%

Smartphone charge slowly

[Ultimate Guide] What makes your smartphone to charge slowly?

Share location between Android and iPhone

Can you share a location between Android and iPhone?

SIM Card and eSIM

[Ultimate Guide] Can Your SIM Cards Be Hacked?

Can smartwatches measure weight?

Can an Apple/Android watch measure weight?

Galaxy Buds connect iPhone

Can I connect Samsung Galaxy Buds to iPhone?

Thermal imaging

How far can FLIR thermal cameras see?


(Ultimate Guide)Can your IMEI number be changed? How to change?

The lifespan of a smartphone

How long does your smartphone last?

iPhone's battery drains fast

What cause your iPhone’s battery draining fast? How to fix?


Which iPhone support WiFi 6?


Which iPhone support WiFi 6E?

iPhone 11

Does iPhone 11 works with WiFi 6?

iPhone 12

Does iPhone 12 works with WiFi 6?

iPhone 13

Does iPhone 13 works with WiFi 6?

PW app not working

How to fix the PW app not working on your phone?


What can someone do with your IMEI NO.?


What does IMEI number mean on your phone?

Reverse wireless Charging

[Ultimate Guide] What is Reverse Charging in Mobile Devices?

Is wireless charge faster than wired

Is wireless charging faster than wired charging?

Wireless charging vs wired

Wireless charging and wired charge: who is better?

Wireless Charger

Will wireless charging harm your battery?

Note-taking apps for iPad

The 6 best note-taking app for iPad in 2023

67w charger

Can you use a 67w charger to charge a 33w phone?


Can I use a 120W charger to charge a 33W phone?

Some apps prompt that they are not compatible

Why do some apps prompt that they are not compatible with your device?

Different brand charger

Can I use a different brand charger for my phone?

Higher watt charger

Can I use fast charger or higher watt charger for my phone?

App not showing on home screen

Why app not showing on your phone/tablet’s home screen?

iPhone charging other phone

Can I use iPhone to charge another phone?

Use 45w charger for 25w phone

Can I use a 45w charger to charge a 25w phone?


Can I use a 25w charger to charge a 15w phone?

Can I use laptop charger for phone

Can you use a laptop charger to charge your phone?

Can you use your phone while charging

Can I use my phone/iPhone while charging?

Google Pixel 8

Google Pixel 8 leak suggests it’ll be supported for longer than iPhones

Blackview A96

iPhone design Blackview A96: The Android phone that looks similar to iPhone 13 and 13 Pro Max

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