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HDMI & DisplayPort Compare: Which is better?

Eight years ago, DisplayPort come out, someone said Displayport will replace HDMI in the future, but for now, Displayport didn’t reach the their expectation, it looks like only a little chance to replace the HDMI. But it’s why? Displayport has advantage for technological and better than other’s, including HDMI can not reach it’s technological.

DisplayPort technical standard:


DisplayPort has developed 1.4a, and this is based on VESA Displayport at Sept 2014, the new vision 1.4a has HBR3 transmission model, 8.1Gbps transmission band, also combined VESA DSC 1.1 display compression standard, The combination of this two can allow the embedded display panel to support the highest resolution of 8K. From this technical standard we can analyze a keyword “bandwidth”. the transmission of high bandwidth content is advantage of the DisplayPort interface, DisplayPort interface is based on the fundamental.

Technical standard of HDMI interface:

HDMI jack

HDMI Jack has developed 2.0 Vision, but the new jack still not commonly used. Now the popular HDMI 1.4 standard support 4K resolution output but only for 24fps and 30fps frame rate, HDMI 2.0 could capable of handling 18000 trillion bits / sec data, enough to make 12 color screen display with high frame rate 60fps per second .

Compare HDMI and DisplayPort:

From the development, we can found the DisplayPort interface is superior to the development of HDMI interface in technically area. after all, DisplayPort interface can transmit 8K resolution content. While the HDMI 2.0 version only support 4K 60-frame content. There is no big difference in other technical between of them, both of of then can transmit audio and video at the same times, and there is no difference in the physical interface, The most important difference is still bandwidth.

But we know the current ultra-high resolution equipment is not commonly used, only a few of 4K resolution products in the market, as the display industry’s top configuration, 8K content will began at 2018, besides,only a little of 4K resolution resolution for now. So the bandwidthadvantage of DisplayPort has not displayin currently. Moreover, after 2018, both have to be upgraded, the capacity of HDMI should be improved to meet the needs of user.

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