OPPO Enco W51 vs. Blackview AirBuds 5 Pro TWS Earbuds: Similarities and Differences

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Blackview TWS AirBuds 5 Pro vs OPPO Enco W51

One of the most important products of Blackview and OPPO is the earphones. Both have devoted a lot to sound quality improvement of earbud products for years and made technological breakthroughs. In June of last year, OPPO launched a pair of noise-cancelling earbuds named Enco W51.

And recently, Blackview, aiming at the high-end market, unveiled the first flagship TWS earphones called AirBuds 5 Pro with industry-leading hybrid ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) technology. AirBuds 5 Pro features some similar configurations and specs to Enco W51.

Here in the review, it’s to compare the similarities and differences and conclude which one is better.

AirBuds 5 Pro vs. OPPO Enco W51: Similarities

Blackview AirBuds 5 ProOPPO Enco W51
Noise CancellationHybrid ANCHybrid ANC
Sound Quality 7mm speaker driver, composite diaphragm & audio quality compensation algorithm7mm speaker driver, composite diaphragm & audio quality compensation algorithm
Call QualityTriple Mic noise reductionTriple Mic noise reduction
Battery CapacityEarphones: 25mAh*2Earphones: 25mAh*2
Charging case: 480mAhCharging case: 480mAh
Music Play Time(50% volume)ANC on: 3.5h (single charge) / 20h (with charging case)ANC on: 3.5h (single charge) / 20h (with charging case)
ANC off: 4h (single charge) / 24h (with charging case)ANC off:4h (single charge) / 24h (with charging case)
Bluetooth VersionBT 5.0BT 5.0
OperationTap controlTap control

All-round Noise Cancelling for Clear Music and Calls

Coming to the similarities, AirBuds 5 Pro and Enco W51 work the best in noise cancelling performance, they are the best ANC earbuds. For music, both adopt a dual-core noise reduction chip and hybrid Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) technology to enable a noise reduction depth of 35dB. For calls, both incorporate triple-mic noise reduction technology and redesigned air ducts capture the voice clearly. Whether on hustling and bustling streets, in crowded subways or at home throwing noisy parties, the earphones control noise to the least to never distract you from audio enjoyment.

Audio Quality Compensation for Uncompromised Sound 

Achieving the best ANC effects probably results in sound quality loss. 2 earbuds feature an audio quality compensation algorithm to restore the sound. Even when the ANC is on, every detail of the music is kept to the original brilliance. To further ensure extreme clarity without distortion, both are designed with an expertly tuned 7mm dynamic coil driver with a graphene-PU composite diaphragm, delivering remarkable details from deep bass to loud treble for the most immersive audio experience.

Blackview AirBuds 5 Pro
Blackview AirBuds 5 Pro

5-minute Charge, 3-hour Audio Play

To maximize uninterrupted entertainment on the lossless music, AirBuds 5 Pro and Enco W51 pack a large battery to support at least 20 hours of music play with the charging case when ANC mode is on and 24 hours of listening time with ANC mode off. 

In sum, similar structure and technologies adopted enable Blackview AirBuds 5 Pro and OPPO Enco W51 to redefine music and call clarity. Enjoy a wonderful world without noise.

Blackview AirBuds 5 Pro vs. OPPO Enco W51: Differences

Blackview AirBuds 5 ProOPPO Enco W51
ANC onNo noiseWith noise
In-ear DetectionPreciser and more sensitiveOccasionally insensitive
Antenna TechnologyMore Expensive 3D-MID Traditional FPC
Soft Eartips 5 pair of different sizes5 pair of different sizes
Wired Charging Time 1.2h (with headphones)/
1h (with charging case)80min (with charging case)
Wireless Charging Time2h (with charging case)2.5h (with charging case)
Weight Earphones: 4g*2Earphones: 4g*2
Charging Case: 45gCharging Case: 47.5g
Water ResistanceIPX7 IP54 

In order to give a more unparalleled listening experience, AirBuds 5 Pro goes a step forward with a series of improvements, which to a large extent, helps to outperform Enco W51.

No Noise with ANC Mode on

While the hybrid ANC and triple-mic noise reduction technology maximize music and call quality, Enco W51 is likely to produce uncomfortable noise with the ANC mode on during running, riding a bicycle or driving a car on a rubber speed hump. AirBuds 5 Pro, thanks to algorithm optimizations, still provides perfect sound quality in these situations. 

Smarter and More Sensitive In-ear Detection

Blackview upgrades in-ear detection with IR proximity sensor for AirBuds 5 Pro. When playing music, if taking off the earbud, AirBuds 5 Pro will automatically stop but Enco W51 sometimes will continue to play. When using one earbud, Enco W51 can auto stop if you take it off but cannot restart if you put it on again. AirBuds 5 Pro will accurately pause and play. 

New 3D-MID Antenna for Improved Connectivity Stability

On the earphone antenna technology, Enco W51 adopts traditional FPC antenna while AirBuds 5 Pro comes with latest 3D-MID antenna, about 10x higher than the FPC on the expense. 3D-MID antenna works better in interference resistance and ensures more reliable connectivity when in complex environments such as airports and shopping malls.

More Soft Tip Sizes for More Comfort

Enco W51 earbuds offer 4 pairs of ear tips while AirBuds 5 Pro headphones give 5 pairs to better accommodate different ear sizes for the most secure and comfortable wearing. More importantly, a custom fit also facilitates noise cancellation. 

Longer Pogo Pin for Better Charging Contact

Inside the charging case, AirBuds 5 Pro is designed with relatively longer pogo pins than Enco W51, which helps better charge contact between earphones and charging case,  ensuring more stable current flow and reducing probability of instantaneous power failure. The charging time of AirBuds 5 Pro is shorter than Enco W51. 

In short, optimizations on details, no matter how small they will be, matter a lot in providing better performance. Blackview AirBuds 5 Pro surely levels up your listening enjoyments.

Price & Availability

To conclude, with similar powerful features, AirBuds 5 Pro and Enco W51 perform well in noise cancelling and audio compensation for clear music and calls and bring long battery life. However, AirBuds 5 Pro will deliver better experience with technological upgradings, living up to its flagship performance promise and perfectly covering your expectation from TWS headphones.

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