Blackview’s best ANC earbuds AirBuds 5 Pro vs. its best budget earbuds AirBuds 3: What are the differences?

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Blackview, who has earned a good reputation for its affordable phones and tablets for eight consecutive years, has now branched out into headphones. It has launched several products this year, such as AirBuds 5 Pro, AirBuds 3 and FitBuds 1. FitBuds 1 come with a silicone neckband for intense workouts while AirBuds 5 Pro and AirBuds 3 are both true wireless earbuds.

Blackview AirBuds 5 Pro

The best ANC earbuds AirBuds 5 Pro are Blackview’s flagship product designed for the high-end market, while AirBuds 3 are more affordable. So which earbuds should you buy? In order to get the answer, we have made detailed comparisons, based on which you can pick the right one according to your need.

Blackview AirBuds 3

Specs: AirBuds 5 Pro vs. AirBuds 3 earbuds

AirBuds 5 ProAirBuds 3
Weight Earphones: 4g*2Earphones: 3g*2
Charging Case: 45gCharging Case:23.7g
Battery capacityEarphones: 25mAh*2Earphones: 30mAh * 2
Charging case: 480mAhCharging case: 220mAh
Noise CancellationHybrid ANC/
Call QualityTriple Mic noise reductionDSP
Sound Quality7mm speaker driver, composite diaphragm & audio quality compensation algorithm13mm speaker driver
Water resistanceIPX7 IPX7 
Bluetooth versionBT 5.0BT 5.1

We found that AirBuds 5 Pro and AirBuds 3 have something in common. For example, they come with similar compact structures, lightweight bodies, ergonomic design and the IPX7 water resistance rating. However, when we go further, it turns out that AirBuds 5 Pro and AirBuds 3 differ greatly in many respects. 

Hybrid ANC Noise Cancellation

Let’s talk about the AirBuds 5 Pro first. This pair of earbuds makes an impressive leap in noise cancellation. Featuring the industry-leading Hybrid ANC (active noise cancellation), AirBuds 5 Pro offer an immersive listening experience with a noise reduction depth of 35dB.

In fact, there are different ways to implement ANC technology. Among them, the Hybrid ANC is the best one you can find in a pair of true wireless earbuds, allowing you to enjoy a pure music world even in a crowded environment, such as the bus or the subway.

In contrast, AirBuds 3—as a pair of more affordable earbuds—don’t come with ANC. If you want noise-cancelling earbuds, AirBuds 5 Pro are without a shadow of a doubt the ideal choice.

Call Quality

Another highlight of AirBuds 5 Pro is the call quality. Thanks to AirBuds 5 Pro’s triple microphone noise reduction technology and air ducts, the target voice in the main direction is protected from being interfered by various noises in the environment. Therefore, AirBuds 5 Pro make calls sound like face-to-face conversations.

Similarly, AirBuds 3 also perform well in call quality, delivering crystal clear phone calls thanks to its DSP noise cancellation technology. Despite different approaches, both AirBuds 5 Pro and AirBuds 3 are great for someone who often makes calls or voice chats. Even so,AirBuds 5 Pro is better if you want perfect call quality.

Battery Life

Although featuring ANC—a power-hungry technology, AirBuds 5 Pro deliver 3.5 hours of playtime  on one charge for the earphones(25mAh * 2), and a total 20 hours of playtime with the charging case(480mAh). And if you turn ANC off, the play time is 4 hours and 24 hours respectively.

AirBuds 3 also features long-lasting battery, delivering an industry-leading 5 hours of listening time on a single charge for the earphones(30mAh * 2), and a total 15 hours of battery life with the charging case(220mAh).

Sound Quality

In order to avoid the loss of audio quality resulting from noise reduction, the best Hybrid ANC earbuds AirBuds 5 Pro adopt the audio quality compensation algorithm, making it possible to keep the original sound details. Besides, 7mm speaker drivers come with the composite diaphragms which consist of graphene and polyurethane. This composite material is ultra-thin, but strong and flexible enough, helping in delivering punchy bass and fine details.

As for AirBuds 3, they adopt the 13mm large-sized speaker driver and are able to produce clear sound and powerful bass as well. Generally, both AirBuds 5 Pro and AirBuds 3 show high performance in sound quality. It is hard to say which comes out on top.


There are individual features exclusive to Hybrid ANC earbuds AirBuds 5 Pro. The most interesting one of these is smart wear detection. Equipped with the IR proximity sensor and the gravity sensor, AirBuds 5 Pro stop the music automatically when you take them out of your ears, and seamlessly resume when you put them back. AirBuds 5 Pro also support single ear use, which allows you to connect each earbud to separate devices, and enjoy two different worlds simultaneously. Besides, since the earbuds box supports wireless charging , you can easily charge it by putting it on a charging mat.

As for the connectivity, AirBuds 5 Pro connect to host devices via Bluetooth 5.0 and AirBuds 3 features Bluetooth 5.1. Both offer fast and stable audio transmission.

Price and Conclusion

In sum, as the best noise cancelling earbuds from Blackview, AirBuds 5 Pro come with a lot of powerful features. If you want top-notch active noise cancellation, superior sound quality and call quality, AirBuds 5 Pro are your ideal choice. Surprisingly, AirBuds 5 Pro now come with an early bird discount. From 2nd August to 15th August PT, AirBuds 5 Pro  are available at only $49.49 (original price $89.99).  For those who have limited budgets but require high-quality sound, AirBuds 3 are the right one, available at an astonishingly low price of $39.99(original price $49.99). Moreover, you can get them for free when you buy the BL5000(click here to buy), the newest flagship game rugged phone from Blackview.

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