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2021 Top 5 Best high-end noise-cancelling TWS earbuds

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If the last two years have taught us anything, it is the importance of a pair of good noise-cancelling headphones. They offer a quiet world for you to work from home and for your kids to attend online classes. The result is improvements in efficiency and productivity. 

With so many products flooding into the market, it is really hard to pick the right one. If you are looking for true wireless earbuds with ANC (active noise cancellation) technology, you’ve come to the right place. We have chosen five pairs of earbuds to narrow down your choices.

Apple AirPods Pro

May not quite outperform its rivals, but still pretty good

  • Active Noise Cancellation
  • Transparency Mode
  • Ear Tip Fit Test
  • Adaptive EQ
  • Spatial Audio with Dynamic Head Tracking
  • Support Wireless Charging

Upgrading from the last generation, AirPods Pro do come with some surprises. According to Apple, its ANC continuously adapts to the geometry of your ear and the fit of the ear tips, adjusted at 200 times per second. And in order to ensure the best seal for noise cancellation, Apple creates an Ear Tip Fit Test so that you can get the right tip size (from 3 sizes) for your ears.

Along with ANC is the Transparency Mode, which lets outside sound in, allowing you to hear what you want to hear. It will help when you are talking to people nearby or hearing the station announcement.

As for the sound quality, AirPods Pro are equipped with Adaptive EQ, automatically tuning music to the shape of your ear. What’s more, working with an iPhone or iPad, the spatial audio with dynamic head tracking allows the sound to dynamically adjust as you turn your head.

$249.00 AT APPLE

Sony WF-1000XM4

A triumph for Sony

  • Digital Noise Cancelling with Integrated Processor V1
  • Ambient Sound Mode
  • Adaptive Sound Control
  • Voice Pickup Technology
  • Headphones Connect App 
  • Support Wireless Charging
  • Smart Wear Detection
  • 360 Reality Audio

If you want an above-average noise cancellation ability in a pair of true wireless earbuds, WF-1000XM4 will not let you down. Equipped with the new V1 integrated processor developed by Sony, WF-1000XM4 do a better job in noise cancellation than its rivals, and even approaches Sony’s over-ear headphones. 

Despite noise cancellation, you don’t need to worry about missing a thing. Just like Apple’s Transparency Mode, Sony’s Ambient Sound Mode also allows you to hear what’s around you. And the Adaptive Sound Control function automatically adjusts ambient sound settings based on where you are and what you’re doing.

Sound quality and call quality are also highlights. Supporting Sony’s own proprietary LDAC codec, WF-1000XM4 can transmit data at the maximum transfer rate of 990 kbps. This is currently the gold standard for Bluetooth audio. And clear calls are possible thanks to the Voice Pickup Technology, which combines beamforming microphones with a bone-conduction sensor.

$279.99 AT AMAZON


Bose QuietComfort Earbuds

Top-notch sound and noise cancellation

  • Adjustable Active Noise Cancellation
  • Transparency Mode
  • Volume-optimized Active EQ
  • Clear Conversations
  • Support Wireless Charging

Bose QuietComfort Earbuds give a magic listening experience like never before by letting you control how much—or how little—of the outside world you hear. That is to say, the level of noise cancellation is adjustable.

As for the sound quality, If it happens to your earbuds that bass nearly disappears when you lower the volume, you will feel the difference when using QuietComfort. By packing volume-optimized Active EQ, Bose says that QuietComfort Earbuds boost highs and lows for consistent balance no matter how loud or soft you listen. Besides, clear conversations are also available thanks to tiny mics hidden in the right earbud. They focus on your voice while filtering out most of the sounds and wind around you.

$279.00 AT BOSE

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

Right balance in terms of ANC, Ambient Mode and more

  • Adjustable Active Noise Cancellation
  • Voice Detect & Ambient Mode
  • Clear Conversations
  • Dolby Head Tracking Technology
  • Buds Together

Galaxy Buds Pro are not the best at any one respect, but they strike a good balance in terms of ANC, Ambient Mode and more. The Buds’ Intelligent ANC is adjustable, allowing you to turn your settings to High or Low based on your need. And thanks to Voice Detect function, ANC will automatically turn off when you speak. Furthermore, there are four levels of Ambient Mode to help you hear what you need to hear.

In order to deliver an immersive experience, Galaxy Buds Pro are equipped with Dolby Head Tracking technology. The buds’ intelligent motion-tracking sensor pinpoints the direction of the sound as you move your head, so it feels like you are always in the middle of the sound world.

Buds Together lets you connect two sets of Galaxy Buds Pro to your phone at the same time, so you can share music with your friend. And coming with three built-in microphones and a voice pickup unit,Galaxy Buds Pro also deliver clear calls.

$169.99 AT SAMSUNG

Blackview AirBuds 5 Pro

Impressive for less than $90

  • Active Noise Cancellation
  • Clear Conversations
  • Audio Quality Compensation
  • Graphene-PU Composite Diaphragm
  • Smart Wear Detection
  • Five Sizes of Soft Tips
  • Single Ear Use
  • Support Wireless Charging

Blackview AirBuds 5 Pro Review

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to those best performers, the AirBuds 5 Pro are the right choice. AirBuds 5 Pro features hybrid ANC technology as those top earbuds do. Feedforward and feedback microphones built in each earbud monitor environmental sounds and then produce the opposite signal to cancel that noise. With a noise reduction depth of 35dB, the AirBuds 5 Pro allow you to get fully immersed in what you are listening to.

In order to avoid the loss of audio quality due to noise cancellation, the AirBuds 5 Pro are equipped with the audio quality compensation algorithm, which makes it possible to keep original sound details. And there are also specially designed 7mm drivers and composite diaphragms to reproduce a rich bass range and bring exceptional sound quality.

AirBuds 5 Pro also feature Triple Microphone Noise Reduction for clear conversations, Smart Wear Detection, Single Ear Use, and five sizes of soft tips.

$59.99( original price $89.99)AT BLACKVIEW Store

In sum, all of these products are good all-rounders. You can make a choice based on the their specific functions, your brand preference and your budget. For those who want to control the level of noise cancellation, the QuietComfort and Galaxy Buds Pro live up to their expectations. If you are using an iPhone, the AirPods Pro is no doubt a good partner. And for those with a budget of less than $100, AirBuds 5 Pro is definitely the king of value-for-money.

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  1. Since I have used the AirPods Pro earphone, it really brings me good experience. But when I try my friend’s Airbuds5 pro earphone from BLACKVIEW, it really amazed me, I couldn’t imagine that the earbuds at tens of dollars could bring so good quality sound.

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