How to make phone calls on a Bluetooth calling smartwatch?

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Bluetooth calling watch

The Bluetooth calling smartwatch is different with a true phone watch which need to insert a SIM card. It can’t work without connecting the smartphone while you want to make a phone call. In other words, it totally relies on the smartphone, or, it just the medium to transmit voice signal from the smartphone. However, the Bluetooth calling smartwatch also plays an important role in some scenes, like in a meeting room, working out at gym. So, how to make a phone call on the Bluetooth calling watch? Below are the steps for your reference:

Tools & Materials
A smartphone with SIM card, a smartwatch with Bluetooth calling.

  1. Turn on Bluetooth on your phone.
  2. Scanning the QR code on your smartwatch by using the QR code scanner on your phone (For the first time to use the smartwatch), then it will tell you to download an app, download it.
  3. Finish paring the watch with phone on the app.
  4. After the phone paring with the smartwatch, you are able to make phone calls on your smartwatch. Find the phone call icon on your smartwatch, tap it to open the dial interface.
  5. Type the phone NO. and dial it, get started to talk with others.

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