How to find hidden cameras use mobile phones without using detector APP

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It’s unlikely that you have never been filmed out in public, such as a supermarket, subway, PARKING LOT, coffee shop, restaurant, hotel and more. You have almost certainly been caught on surveillance camera. You might even have been filmed from distance on a TV news report. As part of keeping society safe, surveillance cameras have become popular security facilities.

Blackview BV8800

However, hidden cameras in hotel rooms, public place’s toilet, and even your home are a different matter. This had been invaded our privacy seriously. You absolutely won’t hope a case of a group of people watching the intimate live broadcast of you and your companion happened to you, isn’t it right? Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the spy cameras while go to the public, even at home.

Worried about being peeped? Here is the most practical guide of how to detect and find the hidden cameras using your phone without using the spy detector APP.

Yes, you heard that right, not require to download any spy camera detector APP, just use the phone itself. Using the APP is one of the methods, and this, is another and the safest way. That’s the good news for those who are looking for a new phone, as this require the night vision camera phone (it doesn’t cost too much).

Below are the steps to use the night vision camera to detect hidden cameras:

Tips: As I use the Blackview BV8800 night vision rugged phone, so I take it as example.


Open the camera on your phone.


Switch to rear-capturing mode, if the current capturing mode is selfie mode. (Night vision camera belongs to rear-facing camera)


Find the small ‘eye’ icon on the middle-bottom left of the screen and tap it, the slash on the ‘eyes icon’ will disappear, and the camera will turn into black and white mode.


Scan the targets you want to scan, you will see the obvious light spot on the screen, if there is a hidden camera.

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